Anonymous 11/08/2017 (Wed) 04:05:25 No. 1064 del
Get a nasal spray and use colloidal silver to spray it in your nostrils three times a day. You can also breath in said colloidal silver water so that it goes to your lungs. Breathing in ozonated air will be very harsh and will make you cough up mucus and everything else inside your lungs, nasal passages, throat, etc., but after it all comes out and your body calms down (after drinking some water, preferably distilled ionized water) you would feel cleaner and you'll breathe better at least for 15 minutes after the inflamed effects of oxidation stops, although it's really the charged singlet oxygen atom formed after breaking down from ozone into O2 and O that has that effect in going against free radicals.

I use a 2,000 ppm colloidal silver solution which I dilute it. I think it's still available on (((Amazon))). MSM crystals tastes bitter so take with magnesium citrate or even magnesium ascorbate so that you can get your magnesium and vitamin C at once. Preferably, take it with your vitamins and supplementation. Also, look into taking high dosages of both chlorella and spirulina, though make sure it's high quality, broken cell wall for chlorella for higher absorption, and don't buy blue-green algae from klamanth lake, it's not clean. Here's another good youtube channel but this time from the ONLY vegan that interests me since he got high levels of B12 without supplementing it, check his perfect bloodwork video for more info on how (spoiler: he takes lots of chlorella).