Endwall 11/05/2017 (Sun) 06:04:44 No. 1063 del
Functionality has been added.

$ pdfclean file.pdf
$ pdfclean --all
$ pdfclean --help
$ pdfclean --version

I would probably separate the clean files into their own directory as one slight improvement. I also have to look into why pdfmetadata stopped working for me and try to reinstall it.

I might do that later, but I have to get back to homework. Thanks for the idea, keep them coming and I'll get around to coding them...

>>1058 , >> 1059
Thanks for the advice on the vitamins and MSM, i'm taking some of that. Also Probiotics, and Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano I take that all with vitamin D. I ran out of coloidal silver, I'll get some more of that.

I still have some slight sinus problems, it's lingering...Whatever this was/is it's bad.