Endwall 10/27/2017 (Fri) 02:56:05 No. 1057 del

>How's it going so far? Also, stay healthy.

I just wrote a paragraph and it got wiped out when I went to get the captcha block bypass. I'll try to rewrite it:

I'm on it. I am stuffed up with homework, I have a major project due on Monday, and a midterm on Monday, so its not happening this weekend. My next free spot to try is on Thursday, I have a midterm next Friday, so realistically next Saturday is optimal.

I haven't tried to write it yet, it should take about 30min-1hr, but I just need a free 3hr stretch where I have time to start it.

Health. Funny you should mention that, because I've been sick with a mystery illness that started in June 2016 and lasted until 2 weeks ago October 2017. It started like flu but then moved into a persistent cough followed by a long duration sinus infection. It was probably antibiotic resistant pneumonia or meningitis and it fucked my year up. I went to the doctor like 5 or 6 times and got a bunch of different antibiotics and nasal sprays that did nothing. It fucked me up hardcore and ruined my entire year. I might have been poisoned, but I'm not sure. It also could have been a bio-weapon, or due to the mass influx of immigration bringing more non indigenous diseases.

I think I'm better now, but I think my mom has it now.

I've been on 4hrs of sleep all week because of school. Anyways I'll work on the revisions to pdfclean.sh next Saturday. I'll make it happen. Thanks for your patience.