Anonymous 02/13/2018 (Tue) 11:54:43 No.8283 del
Hung and scrapped drywall for five years, kid. I ran four crews in Colorado. Mexican immigrants have made lowballed the costs, while the cost of living due to pot legalization and country-wide pothead migration went through the roof.
The problem was that some kike decided to create a holocaust thread on the CURRENT EVENTS /news/ board from a kvetching shill article dated two years prior.
>anything involving gays
"Hitler was gay" is not current events either, nor is it true.
>or involving race relations
Bullshit. I don't guide the narrative on /news/. I post in issues in the main thread and the rest of them came to their own conclusions. "Race relations" are frequently discussed. People have arrived to knowledge of kike tricks of their own accord.
I determine whether or not it's current events, or not spam. Intentionally slanderous and deceptive threads were created when I started to desperately try to out me from /news/. Crying about it later is only too obvious.