Anonymous 02/13/2018 (Tue) 02:53:43 No.8281 del
Well smaller holes can be usually be patched with something like newspaper or by stuffing fitted insulation, and applying a drywall compound or spackle. I've seen this done before in some cases.

But typically you are correct, when it comes to much bigger holes you must patch them, and I would not use screws but small nails to hold the patch into place. Screws can easily tear the nearby drywall if screwed in too firmly.

About the /news/ board, I've never seen censorship even with threads I might not agree with. As far as holocaust "news", what's so new about it anyway? It makes me question if there is some kind of conspiracy the way people always want to keep talking about it over and over. I actually believe they were slave labor camps and not gas chambers though, and that when the German infrastructure was bombed during WWII the resources and supplies going to those slave labor camps were cut off. And I also believe those slave labor camps held more than just Jews.

Why not post "news" about Japanese concentration camps in America during WWII? Ahhhhh, maybe because the Japanese aren't shilling some kind of agenda? Just a thought.