Anonymous 02/08/2018 (Thu) 04:52:13 No.8213 del
I am in agreement with this definatly I have seen an anon in a book thread that uploaded aome pdf to because he did not want to upload it on a board and have it claimed and deleted after what he thought was every 2 weeks.

I think the most effective thing would be to extend the duration to like 90 days to a year.

I feel kind of silly for thinking of this but then again if the main problem with my experience here is that I am concerned it will just vanish. Thats a 1st world problem its a testament to how satisfied I am with the operations and the site in general. I really should be buying cryptocurrency and fucking donating. Hopefully saying that will hold me to do that I have procrastinated a lot.

I originally thought of asking to extend the 30 days to like 90 days and then I went all off on a thing about time capsules.

It really is not something that is beneficiary for a chan given the spontaneous nature of them.

I will take waybackmachine snapshots on all threads regularly. That should do the job.

maybe we could discuss extending the duration of 30 days if others agree.I think 90 days feels like more of the time you would need to be sure the BO is done with a board.