Anonymous 11/08/2017 (Wed) 14:40:41 No. 7536 del
(112.21 KB 856x330 shill.jpg)
>Odilitime, please remove mods of end/pol/ because we've concerted efforts from:
Nigger spammer attacked endchan on 8ch where Odilitime had to go in and defend.
#sj7DAI, the one who spammed nigger porn, Odilitime once had to go help ban over 900 IPs in several stickies of nothing but keyboard rape spam, same as #sj7DAI's file names.
/endpol/'s doonoo Vol at /news/ created multiple shill D&C threads here and posted gassing Hitler plus "believe in the holocaust".
Trumpcuck trying to turn /sp/ against /pol/ spammed thousands of post-copying automated bots.
>but they won't allow us to link to /news/ or /endpol/ and snake away their userbase until they have no-one left :(
/pol/ was claimed by Ocelotte and handed to g_c. It is rightfully ours. Stop whining and make your own board.