Anonymous 10/01/2017 (Sun) 20:32:20 No. 7140 del
Well it is troubling that these dolls leak oil and that some Chinese vendors are switching from Tor to silicon only (either for more profit or because they think their TPE could be dangerous.) Especially when you realize you're going to be nibbling on her breasts, and kissing lips, or licking armpits or whatever and that could leave a chemical toxin in your mouth. I have heard these things have a nasty smell when you inbox them for several days too.

Did you know about the phthalate risk when you bought the doll? 1amusadoll and WMdolls get their dolls from the same Chinese company, and Japanese silicon only doll vendors like DSdolls outsource it all to Chinese factories now too. I agree that I would rather have more government regulation in the form of product testing, to better anticipate mass produced rism.