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Part 2:

The reason it makes no sense to argue with him is, because he was a reddit shill to being with.
I personally suspect him to be a Clinton voter, who is using our anti-Trump status to turn this board into a Clinton shill corner. Non of it would have worked out with the previous user base, so he kicked them out by using (((RPD))) and keeping him in moderation until the whole board revolted. He know all along (((RPD))) is a Trumptard shill but he pretended he does not know anything. Here is the screenshot(RP0513) from 05/13/2017 proving it.
Ocolette allowed RPD to do whatever he want's until he fulfills his job. Once (((RPD))) fulfilled the purpose to delete several threads and getting rid of several people on the board, ocolette threw him in the trashbin:

>oh RPD... you are a Trumptard? Wow i need to remove you now
>but you told me to act that way
>ohh? I never said anything
>but LOOK you told me to act that way

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