##bGHwCp 06/20/2017 (Tue) 22:18:16 No. 6552 del
First off I am not going to get into an AoC debate with you because I hold certain beliefs that could get me labeled a 'pedo' as well. I relate to you on some level with this. My beliefs aren't nearly as extreme as yours however so this aspect of you inherently disgusts me, I believe you enjoy this disgust much like a fag enjoys the disgust he invokes in normal people.

>reddit twat who likes reddit spacing.
This is funny because RPD's reddit account was a big part of the reason I removed him. I have never used reddit, and am not interested in policing formatting here. "reddit spacing" has become ridiculous and shouldn't be used to enforce moderation decisions.

>The reason odili does not want to get this chan involved into it, is because the (((host))) would probably kick him off
This is the exact reason I both deleted and was okay with further deletion of your posts.
From what I was told(I did not see your initial post) you posted girls that were in "child modeling" situations. This could potentially violate dost, and is not welcome at all. I also am fine with people deleting your 2D lolis(as well as any other posts you made) since you evaded bans and are therefore fair game.

>because this chan is full of daily real pedo spam anyway.
I have not seen this in recent times, .pl still gets this though so I won't entirely write this off as a lie. Odi probably just gets to it quickly.

>What I posted was deleted anyway and I did not post it again.
You never reposted the same image, but began a campaign to antagonize the board. I believe you never reposted the image because you wanted to obfuscate your actions(maybe you actually were wrongfully banned by unknown and wanted to play the victim card as you are now instead of just getting "oh what a retard, he's gone now just don't fuck with the board or do it again")

You did spam niggers, start being a massive contrarian as I saw in the redpill on fags thread and the Hitler was a Rothschild thread. I doubt you actually hold these beliefs as other posts of yours(calling me a fag, calling Hitler poster anti-Hitler and celebrating Hitler) contradict this. You also spammed "HITLER WAS A ROTHSCHILD BASTARD" and pictures of people shitting.

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