##bGHwCp 06/20/2017 (Tue) 20:25:06 No. 6548 del
No, you posted pictures of a 12 year old who was "all dolled up" and claimed 12 year olds were "grown up women"
You're fucked in the head and never own up to your end of this.

>I did not know it was against this sites rules BECAUSE IT'S LEGAL.
I don't know what you posted, if you posted something on the calibur of the /8leaks/ guy then you did nothing wrong. I was told you posted something that could be a dost violation and if you did you got banned rightfully.

>I was stalked by a guy called Schlomoko
By the time Him and Hitler Poster were "stalking" you, you'd already made a problem of yourself. They did nothing wrong, I am determined to keep you off the board after you fucking spammed it.

>This guy spammed each thread I went and tried to derail it.
Because you always post with fucked up file names, bad english, and are generally a shit-stitting faggot that would have gotten chased off of any board.

>You know there are actually other people on this board able to download Tor and spam niggers.
And they all use your exact file names, cadence, IP-pool, etc? Kill yourself man.

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