#sj7DAl 06/20/2017 (Tue) 20:08:29 No. 6546 del
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> 3D images of children
I posted them to show that 8/pol/ is censoring content and Jim being a hypocrite. I did not know it was against this sites rules BECAUSE IT'S LEGAL. (pic related: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jj8O0cuKlc0 [Embed]&gl=US )

It's was not porn nor it was nude. The picture I posted is a screenshot from on Youtube. It was in relation to Jim and Google ads and therefore a link to Jims cooperation for data mining with Google.
When 8chan was hacked on 1st April, the guy who linked the hack here posted a picture of an underage girl too here on endchan and no one gave shit.

>this also doesn't excuse your attempts to fuck the board up.
I didn't fucked up the board. I was stalked by a guy called Schlomoko. I reported him several times and non of your mods nor you did anything.
This guy spammed each thread I went and tried to derail it. I ignored him initially but he kept spamming and I reported him and again and again. Nothing happened so I defended myself by counter arguing him on his level.
Then you crawled out of you "IRL" shit hole and as always, not knowing whats going on you banned me instead of him.

>No, you spammed it with gay niggers three or four times.
Don't play stupid. You know there are actually other people on this board able to download Tor and spam niggers.

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