##bGHwCp 06/20/2017 (Tue) 19:18:17 No. 6543 del

>Your board was spammed because you enabled a shit mod known77IQ, who was up to destroy the board
I don't think he was out to destroy the board, I think he's just a bitter guy who was mad he couldn't turn the board into what he wanted it to be. I still don't know what that was, probably way more heavy moderation than I'm cool with which would then lead to agenda-driven moderation.

>You took his side to ban me for no real reason (omg shitty 2D loli) and then you flip-flopped against him and kicked him.
I took his side because you stir up the board, you not only posted '2D loli' but 3D images of children. That's what got you your initial ban and have been out to get the board in any way possible ever since.

Unknown and RPD were shit vols who were likely out to influence the board in one way or another but this does not excuse the shit you've been doing.

> do "whatever the fuck he wants"
I'd like to have vols I don't have to constantly monitor. I'd like to just trust the site's built-in transparency with logs. I never wanted to deal with agenda-driven vols and removed them when they were outed(in-part, thanks to you with Unknown and thanks to Unknown with RPD)

this also doesn't excuse your attempts to fuck the board up.

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