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>But you still want the administration to step in and take a side
>any failures in pol would be more directly tied
Not at all. You may also understand it already turned into a PPH:0 top failure. 90% of the posts are now people on the meta.
Odili does keep track of things and it's not like odili gives a damn about his own site. I don't think odili likes whats going on with /pol/, (((RPD))) and ocolette.

>I think it's best that End/pol is whatever ocolette decides it is.
That exactly is the problem. There was even was a period ocolette wasn't logging in anymore. This guy does not care and people know it and they can feel it. If the board owner does not care about his own site - how does it suppose to work out? His "not caring" mindset has lead the board to where it is now: PPH:0