#sj7DAl 06/19/2017 (Mon) 11:53:49 No. 6521 del
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Anyway: Here is how things look on our board right now:

1.) I post in a thread because I disagree with OP.
2.) I beat OP with arguments and logic.
3.) OP fails and goes crazy into autistic screeching modus spewing: "RED TEXT RED TEXT RED TEX".
4.) Red text has no effect.
5.) OP or one of the other butthurt guys spams the report.
6.) Report has no effect.
7.) OP or one of the other butthurt guys runs over to the meta and spams the meta.
8.) ocolette comes in. ocolette has no idea on what's going on but he bans me for no reason for disagreeing with OP on a topic.
9.) Conversation on the initial thread died as like-minded people think they have won as I can't post any longer freely.
10.) I'm forced to renew my IP and leave the initial thread.
11.) Number of unique ID's rises on the board to 19, while the amount of unique people goes down. (estimation: there are 4-8 people on the board using different IP's. 1 or 2 of them are simply spammers = there are only 6 people on the board.
1 BO

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