#sj7DAl 06/18/2017 (Sun) 12:13:50 No. 6497 del
>ndchan admins don't mess with BO's wishes. Talk to your BO.
WRONG!! Listen carefully odili, because this is damn serious.
I urge you to keep track of major boards like /pol/, /v/, etc because that's the flagships of this chan.

You have seen the meta of /pol/ on the topic "RPD", who was a exposed to work for Jim. Many people come to this site to see /pol/ and other chans send in their people to destroy and hi-jack our boards because end/pol/ is not controlled by them (whoever this several groups and individuals are). You have to keep track of the flagships like /pol/ and you have to interfere if required.

Other custom boards, even if popular should stay untouched.

The thing is, other chan owners from 4chan and 8chan and their BO's and people can't hi-jack this chan because you are owning it. They can try to bribe you or buy it like Jim did (though). But what they can do is simply to take over the board and therefore: even if you are the site owner, the board becomes controlled by them. And it goes a step further: Even you are the site owner and the BO is uncontrolled, they still can sneakily spam the board with their articles (like to RPD did), to take over the narrative of the board and therefore the board becomes controlled again.
BO is actually responsible to prevent this by deleting the Trojan narrative and spam and carefully selecting vols. If he stops logging in like ocolette did and allows his Trojan mod to censor people, delete threads and run wild - then all I can do is to ask you to look up things.

All I as a user can do is present evidence and you are our last hope to clear tings up. Otherwise people are forced to leave like they did on 4chan and 8chan, because that sites and their boards are taken over.

Lucky ocolette came back to sanity and got rid of that psychopath. I know he had to struggle with himself to remove him because ocolette he is a good but naive guy. All RPD had to is is to lie and it worked out for him. Ocolette ignored most of the evidence I presented him until some Anons managed to trace RPD to his rat nests where it became undeniable and ocolette got slapped by the blatant reality.
I hope ocolette learned something about trusting friendly strangers who praise him and want to be his friend. There is a good reason why our parents warned us to not to enter cars from random men, who ask for the way.