Balrog Board owner 11/26/2018 (Mon) 01:56:15 No.10112 del
If you scroll to somewhere around the middle of the thread the game plan is to nuke the zero-post boards and the boards that have had absolutely nothing happen since 2015. Then maybe delete some of the dead-but-not-totally-dead boards. Maybe. Restricting board creation isn't on the roadmap right now because people in the thread put in some good points in favor of leaving it unrestricted. Need to get some more arguing in and maybe do a trial of the exodus-board idea (without actually restricting board creation) before deciding either way. Right now we're doing stage 1 of fixing our shit (fixing our broken ass DB, which is why the site is slow as shit while we export) and generally getting the site back in shape to get ready for the oncoming shitstorms.