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News & Current Events + Happenings
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Boris Johnson Solidifies Lead For British PM, Pledges To Cut Taxes And Leave EU Reader 06/11/2019 (Tue) 14:35:08 Id: 38c7f6 [Preview] No. 14879
The 1922 Committee has certified 10 Tory candidates to battle to replace Theresa May. Boris Johnson solidified his lead.

The Sun reports Tory leadership Race is Now Boris Johnson’s to Lose as MPs Back Him Over Brexit.

What Happened?

Pledge tax cuts appealing to the Tory base. The party is so fragmented that appealing to the base makes perfect sense.

The court tossed out a private lawsuit against Johnson over alleged Referendum lies. The lawsuit was so absurd, it was guaranteed to help Johnson.

Chances for rival Michael Gove, the best hope of Stop Boris Movement, are sinking fast over cocaine usage. Apparently it went up Gove's nose but not Johnson's.

In an afternoon speech, Gove tried to defend his cocaine position.

Q: You have a lot of supporters here. But you must know your campaign is in real trouble. When you were a prominent figure before you became an MP, you thought it was OK to snort cocaine. Then, as justice secretary, you were prepared to send poor people who did the same to jail. People do not like double standards.

A. Gove says he has reflected on this. He would ask people to judge him by what he did as justice secretary. He encouraged people to to accept that people should be given a second chance.

That defense was a flop.

When ridiculous defenses work, it's smacks of something far more fundamental: The party did not want Gove.

Gove did himself in, not cocaine. Gove was willing to ask for another Brexit extension.

Boris Johnson is building up his lead in the Tory leadership race with the promise of a dramatic income-tax cut.

This is strategically a smart move, as it shifts the debate away from Brexit to a domain that is popular among Tory members.

Tax cuts would make it harder for the UK and the EU to negotiate a future association agreement, as the EU could come to regard the UK as a tax haven.


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