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News & Current Events + Happenings
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BOOM! Bayer-Monsanto Now Faces Criminal Investigation And OVER 10,000 Lawsuits For Major Crimes Reader 05/17/2019 (Fri) 23:29:46 Id: 31bcbd [Preview] No. 14717

For over a decade, Monsanto has been engaged in building and maintapining “hit lists” of journalists, lawmakers and regulators to be taken out if they opposed the evil agenda of GMOs and toxic glyphosate weed killer chemicals that now inundate the world food supply. Any influential person who opposed the Monsanto agenda was subjected to one or more of the following:

Attempted bribery
Death threats and intimidation
Character assassination through well-funded “negative P.R.” campaigns
Defamation via coordinated Wikipedia attacks, run by Monsanto operatives
Career destruction, such as getting scientists blacklisted from science journals
Being doxxed, having their home addresses publicized and their families and co-workers threatened

In other words, Monsanto has been running a “black ops” division for over ten years, spending perhaps $100 million or more on efforts to silence, destroy or assassinate anyone who interfered with the agricultural giant’s market dominance.

Now, the criminal mafia activity that Monsanto has carried out for years is finally being exposed as law enforcement closes in on the crimes of this evil agricultural giant now owned by Bayer, a corporation that appears to be making an effort to “clean house” and end the Monsanto crimes that targeted journalists, lawmakers and regulators with intimidation and bribery campaigns.

“French prosecutors said on Friday they had opened an inquiry after newspaper Le Monde filed a complaint alleging that Monsanto – acquired by Bayer for $63 billion last year – had kept a file of 200 names, including journalists and lawmakers in hopes of influencing positions on pesticides,” reports Reuters.


The $2 billion jury award against Monsanto that was just handed down by a California jury has been widely reported by the very same media that, for years, blacklisted any criticism of Monsanto, GMOs or glyphosate herbicide.

They did that because Monsanto ran a “black ops” division that bribed and threatened journalists across the country while keeping a “hit list” of which journalists to pay off or threaten with violence. Bayer has now become aware of this “black ops” division of Monsanto and has publicly apologized for its operation. In a public apology message posted on its website, Bayer also says it has shut down the operation and cut ties with the black ops service providers, which we know included actual corporate-funded “death squads” that targeted journalists, lawmakers and regulators.

With the black ops division shut down, U.S. journalists are no longer threatened with being killed by Monsanto for running news that’s critical of the corporation. This is one reason why negative news about the Roundup / glyphosate court cases is receiving so much coverage now.

With the American public now watching all this coverage and learning about the links between glyphosate exposure and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a form of cancer), Bayer is likely to be hit with a new wave of lawsuits due to the “snowball effect” of increased media coverage in the United States. Potentially tens of thousands of people who have been diagnosed with NHL cancer are suddenly realizing they were exposed to glyphosate, too. No doubt many of them are finding law firms to pursue legal action against Bayer.

By our estimates, Bayer is currently being hit with 20 – 30 new lawsuits each business day, adding up to hundreds of new lawsuits a month and thousands each year. With Roundup / glyphosate still being sold at retail stores across America, glyphosate exposure will continue to cause cancers among potentially millions of people, many of whom will no doubt end up filing suit against Bayer.


Reader 05/18/2019 (Sat) 01:31:22 Id: 99d585 [Preview] No.14719 del
(21.03 KB 770x117 his bedfellows.png)
(26.89 KB 634x288 800.jpg)
(117.09 KB 402x401 Robert-B-Shapiro.jpg)
I've been looking into Monsanto's history. It's no wonder Natural News gave focus to the "Nazis" narrative. I'm curious how much they're being paid off.

Despite the fact Michael Taylor (who let the growth hormones rbGH/rbST be injected into cows during the Clinton administration) left the FDA to become Vice President for Monsanto, amidst allegations going back decades, 21st Commissioner of the FDA Margaret Hamburg (jew) welcomed Taylor back with open arms in 2009: http://archive.is/FL7MT
"Enjoys working with" Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharstein.
(jewish) Louis Dreyfus Company LLC were major exporters of Monsanto's GMO seeds.
Robert B. Shapiro was CEO of Monsanto 1995-2000.

Whenever "those evil Nazis!" is referred to, I need to start digging more often. It's usually to cover up jewish involvement.

Monsanto's Agent Orange connection admitted by themselves:
Another interesting revelation:

Reader 05/18/2019 (Sat) 03:59:55 Id: a77d14 [Preview] No.14720 del
I suspected it too but holy shit, I think you are onto something big. When they scream about Nazis I always thought these cuckservative journalists were just brainwashed and misled, but it would be a very convenient way to cover up criminal involvement of their own special interests by pointing the finger at others. Considering Mike Adams is a merchant himself, it is always possible they have him in their pockets.

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