Putin Prepares For WW3, Deploys S-400 Missiles To Border Reader 12/07/2018 (Fri) 13:21:22 Id: d75bb3 No.13381 del
BE PREPARED: https://archive.fo/elYwR

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed anti-aircraft missiles along the Russian border in preparation for the outbreak of World War 3.

Satellite images captured by ImageSat International show eight S-400 anti-aircraft missiles being deployed in the Dzhankoy airbase in Crimea.

Dailystar.co.uk reports:

The report suggests plans to move the S-400 battery were prepared in recent months.

This is well before the clash between Russia and Ukraine that sparked tensions in the region.

Images show bare ground in April 2018 and construction by November 10.

This is two weeks before the sea battle in which Russia captured three Ukrainian vessels and their crew.

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