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Both the CIA and Mossad were the biggest backers of ISIS, along with our corrupted Military Industrial Complex (which is mostly owned by Jewish interests, and fights for Jewish interests). Britain's government was also responsible for some of the war crimes in Syria too as they were helping the US & Israel out with bombing civilian locations and further destabilizing areas so the ISIS terrorist proxies could take over. The whole thing is a mess really, and Assad is very lucky to have Russia on his side because if it were not for Russia, Assad would have likely been killed by now and the bullies of Israel and the Western World would have taken over Syria and installed a Rothschild-puppet dictator over there.

>The Russian military detailed that most of the terrorists had arrived in As-Suwaydad province from the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, Damascus and the Al-Tanf region, controlled by the US-led international coalition.

>international coalition

Well, there you go. This whole "Greater Israel" agenda has been going on since the 80s, and both Israel and the US wanted Assad's father (who was leader at that time) ousted too. It just shows their criminal agendas never change, they just keep on pushing and pushing them. What its going to take is a lot of people exposing all this and helping push back. Anyone funding and arming a bunch of terrorists cannot be the good guys, anyone intentionally destabilizing nations cannot be the good guys. So I support Assad, and I hope Putin keeps helping him out and I hope Syria can deal with this mess, and they start building a massive wall all along their border to keep their hostile enemies out.