Its Time To Boycott Communist Colleges! UC-Berkeley Funding Migrant Invasion Against America Reader 12/02/2018 (Sun) 20:39:56 Id: f06341 No.13347 del
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The University of California Berkeley student government has resolved to financially support the Honduran migrant caravan after a four-hour meeting Wednesday evening, during which senators were told that voting against the funding would be “violent."

Ironic considering the fact that migrant invaders were just caught raping and killing a 6-year-old girl in Mexico:

War criminal George Soros would be so proud of these communist punks.

The resolution passed Wednesday night was presented by the Associated Students of the University of California. Among other initiatives, the bill titled In Support of Central American Refugees in their Pursuit of Asylum proposed that the student government allocate $1500 to be donated to a non-profit organization with the intent of helping to fund the caravan.

The bill specifically referenced the Honduran migrant caravan, acknowledging that "while some have gradually arrived to the US-Mexico border, thousands are still en route and should arrive in the next week or two,” and calling on the student government to “be in solidarity” with these individuals.

The document details the plight of Honduran citizens and blames the state of Honduras on the United States.

"The United States, fueled by corporate greed, has strategically intervened in Central American politics and warfare; thus strengthening the U.S. economy and further disregarding the livelihood of the citizens in these countries."

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