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Stormy Daniels, Who Never Kept Promise To "Meet Immigrant Children", Arrested After Fondling Undercover Cops At Strip Club Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 14:21:00 Id: bfce2e [Preview] No. 10931 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who has made headlines for an alleged affair with Donald Trump, was arrested while performing Wednesday night at a Columbus, Ohio, strip club after allegedly having physical contact with patrons.

Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti in a Twitter post claimed the arrest "was politically motivated, and "reeks of desperation."

Police said Daniels was busted after allegedly touching three different undercover vice police officer during her performance at the Sirens club, in violation of state law barring anyone who is not a family member from touching a dancer who is either nude or semi-nude.

Court documents reportedly claim that Daniels, during her peformance, forced faces of club customers into her breasts and used her exposed breast to smack their faces. She also allegedly fondled the breast of female customers.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was released on bail within hours of being arrested on three counts of misdemeanor sex offenses, according to an NBC affiliate. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday.


Daniels was arrested by Columbus Police and charged with three counts of "Illegally Operating Sexually Oriented Business - Employee Knowingly Touch Any Patron," according to online court records. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Franklin Municipal Court on Friday morning.

Police brought Daniels to the Jackson Pike Correctional Facility around 4:30 Thursday morning.

Back in 2007, Ohio lawmakers passed the Community Defense Act. The law restricts the hours that sexually oriented businesses can operate. It also states that a patron cannot touch a nude or semi-nude dancer in a club anywhere on the premises or in the parking lot. When asked if he knew about the law, Avenatti said, "I'm aware of the law. I think it's a ridiculous use of resources."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 15:42:34 Id: 9e3e4a [Preview] No.10933 del
Some cushy fuckin' job, going undercover into stip clubs to see if the strippers will blow you. I wonder what genius thought that up? Fuck sake, go solve a real crime, cunts.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 16:10:35 Id: bfce2e [Preview] No.10937 del
Could you imagine how embarrassing it must be being arrested by some cops that you gave bjs or handies to?

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 19:20:26 [Preview] No.10941 del

I don't have a problem with her stripping for a living. I have even less of a problem with her maximizing the monetary value of temporary notoriety, even when done to the expense of other causes. The real fun here is to be found in a philosophical approach to life wherein laws only apply to businessmen and politicians.

I hope for her attorney's sake he insisted on an upfront pay-as-you-go schedule, and has remained attentive to his accounts receivable.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 19:47:25 Id: 3df40c [Preview] No.10943 del
Update: she was bailed and later on the police seem to have dropped the charges (likely threatened by the feds or some fat rich corporate porkchop).

Good! Russian Military Moving Into Libya To Prevent Future Destabilization Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 16:35:24 Id: c4c407 [Preview] No. 10938 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
U.S. intelligence agencies are closely monitoring Russian military activities in Libya for signs that Moscow may soon build a military base in the divided North African state.

Intelligence reports indicate that Russia is planning to expand its Syrian bases at Tartus and Hemeimeem to Libya.

The possible Russian move into Libya represents the most recent failure stemming from the policies of President Obama that backed Islamist rebels who overthrew and killed Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.

Mr. Obama has said that the failure to prepare for the aftermath of the ouster of Gadhafi was the worst mistake of his presidency. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also came under fire for failing to provide security for Americans who were attacked and killed in Benghazi after Gadhafi’s fall.

The push for a Russian military presence in Libya is being led by retired Maj. Gen. Khalifah Haftar, whose militia forces, the Libyan National Army, control eastern Libya. Russian private military forces have been operating in eastern Libya since March 2017, including the RSB Group that has deployed several dozen armed mercenaries to join forces with Haftar militias.

News reports from Libya stated recently that the RSB Group mercenaries are engaged in advance work, scouting locations for a Russian military base in Tobruk or Benghazi.

In addition to RSB, the notorious Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries also is operating in eastern Libya, reportedly to service Gen. Haftar’s Russian-supplied weaponry. Wagner mercenaries also are helping set up an intelligence network for the general’s forces.

Despite all LIES, Gadhafi was killed by the US because he was fighting against radical terrorists, desired prosperity and productive industry to better his society during his leadership. Most of all, Gadhafi did not respect the US petrodollar reserve currency status and wanted to trade outside the dollar, with nations like Russia.


Leaked: German Army Armed With Broomsticks, Can't Even Pay Their Fair Share For NATO Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 03:13:00 Id: c0d17a [Preview] No. 10916 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Germany's military is so underfunded its troops used BROOMSTICKS painted black as mock weapons during a Nato defence exercise.

But the highly embarrassing episode, revealed in a leaked report, is just the beginning of the country's woes as it fights to reverse chronic army shortages.

It comes as Donald Trump has vowed to make Chancellor Angela Merkel increase her defence spending to reach the minimum spending obligations all Nato members must adhere to.

General Harald Kujat, a former chief of staff of the German armed forces, later described it as a "huge embarrassment".

The unit was supposed to be ready to deploy whenever a Nato member was threatened, he warned.

He added: "If that is not the case, then both for Nato, and for the Federal Republic of Germany, this is a huge embarrassment," The Telegraph reported.

And a spokesperson for the Defence Ministry stated: "In the case of the Boxer armoured vehicle, it was being used as a mobile headquarters, and a weapon is not foreseen and not necessary for a mobile headquarters.

"It was not a fighting vehicle. So we have no explanation why the soldiers would simulate a weapon."

In 2015 it also emerged the German military was using ordinary civilian Mercedes vans as stand-ins for armoured personnel carriers.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

3 posts omitted.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 12:57:23 Id: 1dcc31 [Preview] No.10930 del
And those weren't as much prisons as mandatory resorts. The intent, anyway. If it wasn't for Typhus spreading lice (which also affected German front lines) and Allied bombing of supplies causing starvation for both camp prisoners and soldier alike, I'd check myself into one of those camps. My workplace doesn't have a brothel, swimming pool, live theater, orchestra or sports facility.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 15:06:14 Id: 34082e [Preview] No.10932 del
(1.31 MB 278x214 1530963588853.gif)
Wait, they're actually admitting it's a swimming pool now? Ages ago they used to say it was used to drown Jews. I'm not shitting you.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 15:47:04 Id: 1dcc31 [Preview] No.10934 del
(2.41 MB 1575x1302 28.png)
Just something else to add to the list of their outrageous atrocity lies.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 15:59:20 Id: 59ad7b [Preview] No.10935 del
Absolutely, of all things I actually heard a conservative German-American Christian talk show host talk about this in detail before, that the reality of these supposed "death camps" was actually false, they were prison labor camps and the only reason so many people died in those labor camps was because German railroads and other transportation infrastructure was being bombed. Therefore the Germans could not get the necessities they needed (food, water, proper sanitation, medicine, etc.) to the prisoners and they ended up dying in those camps.

I'm not going to argue about whether those camps were for political prisoners, perhaps they were, but the truth is no one was "gassed" or tortured in any way. All death was due to the natural consequences of war. When I heard this guy talking on the radio (he's a staunch conservative Christian) I was like "damn" they are going to throw him off the fucking airwaves. And they did.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 16:00:44 Id: 59ad7b [Preview] No.10936 del
>that the reality of these supposed "death camps" was actually false

Blah, the *story of these supposed "death camps" was actually false.

Those Who Have Been Banned From Youtube Now Have An Alternative To Post Their Videos Reader 07/08/2018 (Sun) 14:12:13 Id: 187ca2 [Preview] No. 10805 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/fuIkM (Get Ready For A Youtube Alternative For Conservatives)
https://archive.fo/Sh6wr (New Youtube Platform For Conservatives Announced, Real.Video)
https://archive.fo/Gf9Nr (Youtube Alternative, Real.Video, Ready To Launch Within 60 Days)

This week we rolled out a “soft launch” of the REAL.video beta, which you can see live at beta.REAL.video.

There, you’ll see many videos posted by users. To see a more complete list of all the new videos, visit this link: https://beta.real.video/browse

The site still suffers from lots of glitches, and we’ve strictly limited the invites to just a few dozen users, but next week we’re expanding it toward a full public rollout. Also note that the view counts for videos is only updated every six hours, not in real time.

We’re now calling for all videos which have been banned by YouTube for political reasons, including videos which dare to discuss the healing properties of cannabis, videos about health freedom, videos from Trump supporters and other videos that are systematically banned by YouTube.

You now have a platform where you won’t be banned. [NOTE: There are some limits to free speech, you can't make violent threats, promote terrorism or post any illegal content.]

Request a channel invitation right now at this link: https://real.video/Invite.asp

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

11 posts omitted.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 04:28:55 Id: 619a2d [Preview] No.10923 del
Shit I'll need to download a new browser to view these videos, my current browser is to old. Tried finding an mp4 in the html code with no luck. Hopefully someone will develop an mp4 ripper for this site.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 05:09:39 [Preview] No.10924 del
>the establishment is going to go into “attack overdrive” to try to discredit me as well as the entire REAL.video platform. You should expect to see every aggressive, malicious attempt ramped up in an effort to smear REAL.video and everyone involved in the project. Remember: The more they attack, the more they are revealing the importance of the information found on REAL.video.
Victim card play already?
It hasn't even been a week, and they are trying to prepare for criticism?

Damn, if P2P video hadn't existed for the past 2 years, peertube, bitchute, and gitgud.tv wouldn't even be a thing by now.

I guess those that can't blame.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 05:49:28 Id: 619a2d [Preview] No.10925 del
I suspect they are just warning people in case they do get DDoS'd. It is possible some jerks online could do such a thing depending what kind of controversial or sensitive content is released. The P2P they are not ready for yet as this site is just in beta mode. Hopefully we'll see it go P2P someday like Bitchute or Dtube.

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 07:41:53 [Preview] No.10926 del
Nah, their server, single, is ASP.NET, the easiest framework to crack, and requires a Microsoft Server to run: Free tap for anyone to break.
>Hopefully we'll see it go P2P someday like Bitchute or Dtube.
Highly doubt it.
Honestly, the best you can do, assuming you are honest on what you are saying, is self host your own Peertube instance.
If you know how to install and work with *nix operating systems, you have half the work done.
The rest is paying for the bandwidth, be it on a datacenter of choice, or your home.
I host mines in TOR&I2P, for obvious reasons. bad OPSEC if I post the link

Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 12:43:08 Id: 607b08 [Preview] No.10929 del
Didn't know that, they need better security then no doubt. I don't know anything about peertube, and I've never set up my own site before to be honest. I have used P2P clients but thats about it. Originally I thought they'd have some kind of P2P network being built in but thats only because they claimed so.

Parkland False Flag Update: Survivors Sue Broward Law Enforcement Officials For Incompetence, Poor Training And Cowardice Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:40:05 Id: 456c07 [Preview] No. 10908 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/J0Zby (Active Shooter Drills, Multiple Shooters Witnessed, FBI Was Aware of Killer)
https://archive.fo/OwFuo (Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter)
https://archive.fo/7gLNY (Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open)
https://archive.fo/FP6V4 (FBI and Cops Warned Multiple Times About Shooter, Deputies Stood Down During Shooting)
https://archive.fo/EgWD6 (Local Police and FBI Knew of Shooter's Social Media Threats, Did Nothing)
https://archive.fo/EzqrU (Emergency Medical Teams Ordered To STAND DOWN After Shooting, While Students Bled Out And Died)
https://archive.fo/kmPsX (Police Radio Recordings Prove Cover Up, Sheriff Refuses to Release Surveillance Footage, SWAT Officers Suspended For Not Standing Down, etc.
https://archive.fo/CKVZH (Authorities Had All The Evidence To Prevent This Shooting, Allowed It To Happen)
https://archive.fo/4lKrh (Busted! Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each)
https://archive.fo/nwseb (Broward County Sheriff Deputy Who Exposed Parkland Shooting Stand Down Murdered By State)
https://archive.fo/j80DP (DC Metropolitan Police Admit ‘March For Our Lives’ Was Planned BEFORE Florida School Shooting)
https://archive.fo/5M5Hf (Hero Who Helped Save Lives Blames Sheriff, Corrupt School System For Ordering Stand Downs)

A combination of incompetence, poor training and inaction led to the Valentine's Day massacre of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida - claim 15 current or former students in a new federal lawsuit which points the finger directly at Broward County law enforcement.

"Law enforcement choked," said Detroit civil rights attorney Solomon Radner, who filed the lawsuit, adding "Cops are heroes, and they’re supposed to be heroes."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:40:45 Id: 456c07 [Preview] No.10909 del
The lawsuit was filed in federal court because it alleges constitutional rights were violated, and because Florida courts cap lawsuit awards against local governments at $300,000, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Defendants in the suit include Sheriff Scott Israel and disgraced former school resource officer Scot Peterson, who was seen on CCTV footage driving a golf cart up to the high school building during the shooting, only to hop off, unholster his gun, and run behind a concrete wall for cover.

BREAKING: Broward County Sheriff's Office releases security video showing Deputy Scot Peterson's actions (or inactions...) during the February 14 shooting. pic.twitter.com/QnILMn87Yp

— Wired Sources (@WiredSources) March 15, 2018

Peterson, 54, dubbed the "Broward coward," was blasted by Sheriff Israel a week after the shooting - who said Peterson should have "went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer," adding that the deputy's failure to act left him "devastated" and sick to his stomach.

The lawsuit claims that during “eight minutes of hell,” numerous “failures by numerous government actors, including law enforcement, strongly continued to Shooter’s ability to carry out this horrific attack without which this attack could not have happened.”

Peterson lied, told other officers not to do their jobs.

Following the shooting, Petersen issued a statement through his attorney denying any wrongdoing - and said that he thought the shots were being fired from outside the school.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:41:06 Id: 456c07 [Preview] No.10910 del
The records appear to support Broward Sheriff Scott Israel’s contention that Peterson, a longtime school resource officer, should have entered Building 12 to engage Cruz and try to prevent deaths. They also appear to show that other deputies may have refrained from rushing into the school at the direction of Peterson and a Parkland captain. The response by the agency has been the subject of national scrutiny, and is currently under review by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. -Miami Herald

The lawsuit reads in part:

"Defendant SCOT PETERSON was at all pertinent times a Broward County deputy and was specifically tasked with protecting the Plaintiffs, even [if] it meant risking his own life. It was and is a heroic job and one upon which people reply in the case of a life and death emergency. He was tasked with the job to protect the children at the school with the knowledge that he was possibly the only armed person in the immediate vicinity of the school. His job duties required him to run towards danger at risk of life and limb, and not to run away from danger for the sole purpose of sole-preservation."

The suit then goes on to claim "His arbitrary and conscience-shocking actions and inactions directly and predictably caused children to die, get injured, and get traumatized."

Also named in the suit is Broward County Captain Jan Jordan for allegedly refusing to allow emergency personnel to enter the school, as well as school guard Andrew Medina for failing to stop the shooter "even though he saw Shooter walk past him and he recognized Shooter to be a known danger to the school."

Instead, the plaintiffs claim, Medina "radioed ahead to warn fellow monitor David Taylor that a suspicious kid was headed his way."

The Broward Sheriff's office as well as Broward County Public Schools said on Tuesday morning that they don't comment on active suits, according to The Post.


Reader 07/12/2018 (Thu) 03:04:03 Id: 97a689 [Preview] No.10915 del
Hopefully this will provide us with more answers of what really went down that day, such as the issue of students seeing "multiple shooters dressed in swat-style gear" that day. I suspect it was a false flag carried out by mercenaries, hired from Langley HQ to stir up radicals who want to confiscate out guns (won't happen btw).

Good! House Introduces A Bill Using Same Law Than Mandated Unmasking the KKK On AntiFA Thugs Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 14:11:03 Id: d79c3b [Preview] No. 10896 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If you protest, you should do it peacefully! If passed, this law would help law enforcement crack down on the violent provocateurs!


To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide penalty enhancements for committing certain offenses while in disguise, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018”.


(a) In General.—Chapter 13 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 249 the following:

Ҥ 250. Interference with protected rights while in disguise

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 21:42:35 Id: b2a27f [Preview] No.10903 del
If this passes you can blame the assholes who are dressing up as criminals, acting like criminals. Serves the faggots right. Unfortunately this will likely impact some innocent people, oh, like hired costume-wearing advertisers outside businesses and such.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:04:41 Id: 00d0ab [Preview] No.10904 del
Why would it? They're not destroying buildings, property, or interfering with protected rights. The fact is: Antifa are pussies that hide behind the style they stole from anarchists back in the day. Now more a movement of anarcho-communism. Like how emos stole punk and goth, blended those into worse shit, and they're now antifa majority trannies.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:18:44 Id: b2a27f [Preview] No.10905 del
They don't destroy anything but trash cans and stomp on cars from what I hear. However they do (at least try) beating people up and will mug innocent people who have their backs turned from time to time. The reason they cover their faces is likely because they don't want to be identified. I think its bullshit. They should be arrested with their mug shots plastered all over the internet.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:57:53 Id: 00d0ab [Preview] No.10913 del
More than trash cans and cars. They've been known to set fires and frequently vandalize property including spraypainting their retarded logos+phrases. There have been incidents where some pulled knives, many times spraying mace in random persons' faces, and the incident with the bike lock.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 23:51:11 Id: 1f04f0 [Preview] No.10914 del
Why do I suspect that the now undeniably communist liberal universities in America have something to do with Soros NGOs and groups like Antifa?

UK's State-run Healthcare System Fires Doctor Who Correctly Classified Gender of Children Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 16:42:34 Id: 659163 [Preview] No. 10899 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Christian doctor has been fired from a top government role over his belief that gender is determined at birth [and ironically IT IS, but how dare we face!].

Dr David Mackereth, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their preferred gender.

The senior doctor was told he could not be employed as a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) disability assessor if he refused to identify patients as being of a sex that they did not see themselves as.

The Telegraph reports: https://archive.fo/r5u56

The 55-year-old father of four believes sex is genetic and biological, so established at birth.

He confirmed his right to freedom of speech has been denied as he has been classed “unfit” to work for the department because of his religious convictions.

And, the medic from Dudley in the West Midlands fears many other professional people of faith could also be dismissed simply for knowing realities about gender.

Dr Mackereth, who registered as a doctor in 1989 and spent most of his career working in Accident & Emergency wards, said: “I’m not attacking the transgender movement. But, I’m defending my right to freedom of speech, and freedom of belief.

“I don’t believe I should be compelled to use a specific pronoun. I am not setting out to upset anyone. But, if upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society we have to examine where we are going.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 16:45:49 Id: 659163 [Preview] No.10900 del
There is "male" or "female", those are the ONLY true genders. Anything else is imagination congered up by psychotic, subverted minds. Whatever you do to your genitals is simply mutilation: it does not change your natural gender. Get fucked UK.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 18:13:11 Id: 03efa6 [Preview] No.10901 del
Obligatory spoiler. Don't look while or after eating. This is what happens when Freudian bullshit is allowed to devolve society into degeneracy. The Hellenistic Era. The Roman Empire. The Weimar Republic. Homosexuality and transgender nonsense as "revolutionary" has always been a historic indicator that society devolves until imminent collapse.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 22:22:21 Id: b7ae53 [Preview] No.10906 del
>Homosexuality and transgender nonsense as "revolutionary" has always been a historic indicator that society devolves until imminent collapse.

Figures. Glad I'm a "kook" whos been preparing for this shit to hit the fan for many years.

Monsanto Lied, Bullied Scientists To Hide Cancer Risks, Court Told Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 15:46:19 Id: ac07f7 [Preview] No. 10897 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/4XyVl (Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells)
https://archive.fo/dis4i (Study Confirms Glyphosate Causes Liver and Kidney Failure)
https://archive.fo/D1dLr (Obama's EPA Colluded With Monsanto To Allow Cancerous Herbicide Roundup)
https://archive.fo/OKNB1 (New Evidence About the Dangers of Monsanto’s Roundup)
https://archive.fo/bpoKc (GMO Crops Killing Millions of Kangaroos In Australia)
https://archive.fo/7WvSX (Brazil Bans GMO Crops: TOXIC)
https://archive.fo/s6tbb (Russia Bans GMO Crops: TOXIC)
https://archive.fo/pm10o (Netherlands Bans GMO Crops: TOXIC)
https://archive.fo/Wrtie (38+ Countries Have Banned GMO Crops So Far: TOXIC)
https://archive.fo/yKY6D (64+ Countries Have GMO Warning Labels So Far: TOXIC)
https://archive.fo/3KgHk (UK Bans Monsanto Roundup, Glyphosate Over Toxicity)
https://archive.fo/85Teb (Commiefornia Wine Found Contaminated With Glyphosate)

Monsanto aggressively ‘bullied scientists’ and hid weedkiller cancer risks, a lawyer argued on Monday in a landmark lawsuit against the agrochemical corporation.

“Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully and to fight independent researchers… they fought science,” attorney Brent Wisner told the court.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 15:47:30 Id: ac07f7 [Preview] No.10898 del
Johnson worked as a groundskeeper for a the school district in Benicia, just north of San Francisco, and was responsible for applying Roundup. Lawyers showed the jury photos of lesions and rashes on Johnson’s skin after he was regularly exposed to the chemical and was eventually diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in 2014, at age 42.

“The simple fact is he’s going to die. It’s just a matter of time,” Wisner said in court, as Johnson lowered his head and his wife cried in the seat next to him. “Between now and then, it’s just nothing but pain.”

Wisner, who said the trial would include commentary from 10 current or former Monsanto employees, also read aloud internal corporate documents obtained during the case. In response to one critical study about glyphosate exposure, Donna Farmer, product protection lead, wrote in an email: “How do we combat this?”

Wisner also referenced an email from Farmer in which she gave colleagues guidance on how they could publicly talk about science, writing: “You cannot say that Roundup does not cause cancer.” The Monsanto lawyer later said this comment had been taken out of context and presented in a misleading way.

A strategic corporate document also revealed Monsanto’s public relations plan to “orchestrate outcry” in advance of the IARC glyphosate classification, Wisner told the jury.

Wisner further cited Monsanto emails from decades prior, in which the company was working with a genotoxicity expert who reviewed a series of 1990s studies. He raised concerns about Roundup impacts on humans and suggested further areas of research. After the expert’s analyses, Monsanto representatives began considering finding a different expert and also started working on a press statement saying the product carried no risk, according to Johnson’s lawyer.

Wisner also read documents that he said showed how Monsanto strategized plans to “ghostwrite” favorable research.

Monsanto has continued to assert that its herbicide is safe, a claim that Johnson’s legal team is challenging, arguing that “scientific fraud” has contributed to Roundup marketing.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Thanks To Amazon S3 Storage, Stolen US Military Drone Documents Found for Sale on Dark Web Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 13:32:46 Id: 021565 [Preview] No. 10894 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/CInHW (US Military Hired Amazon To Store Sensitive Data, Secrets Stolen By China)
https://archive.fo/R7oOo (US Army Data Hacked In 2017, Stored On Amazon S3 Servers)
https://archive.fo/FJWtH (NSA Files Left Exposed Online on Amazon S3 Server, Hacked)
https://archive.fo/pC2Yd (Amazon S3 Servers NOT Secure!)

An unidentified hacker tried to sell purported U.S. military documents containing information about combat drones last month, a cybersecurity research firm said, after they were allegedly stolen from an Air Force officer’s computer.

The hacker sought buyers for maintenance documents about the MQ-9 Reaper drone, a remotely controlled aerial vehicle used by the Pentagon and other parts of the government to conduct offensive strikes or reconnaissance and surveillance operations.

Discovery of the attempted sale of the stolen documents comes amid heightened concern about how U.S. military secrets may be insufficiently protected from hackers. Military officials said last month that the Defense Department’s inspector general was investigating a major security breach after Chinese hackers allegedly stole data pertaining to submarine warfare, including plans to build a supersonic antiship missile.

There was no evidence that the hacker who acquired the Reaper drone documents was affiliated with a foreign country, or that he was intentionally seeking to obtain military documents, said Andrei Barysevich, a senior threat researcher at Recorded Future, the U.S.-based cybersecurity firm that spotted the attempted sale. Instead, the hacker scanned large parts of the internet for misconfigured Netgear routers and exploited a two-year-old known vulnerability, involving default login credentials, to steal files from compromised machines.

Recorded Future said it has notified the Defense Security Service and the Department of Homeland Security about the hacker’s activities. A DHS spokesman said the agency was reviewing the information provided by Recorded Future but deferred further comment to the Air Force. The Air Force and DSS didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Posing as a potential buyer, researchers at the cyber firm contacted the seller, and during weeks of back-and-forth discussions were sent screenshots of the purportedly stolen documents. Those documents included the name of an Air Force captain stationed at the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from whom the hacker is believed to have obtained the stolen drone files.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 13:39:26 Id: 021565 [Preview] No.10895 del
Serves them right. And if they continue the stupidity they'll keep having their secrets lifted. Why would you store military secrets in a fucking "cloud storage" dumb fucks!? Jesus Christ, even I keep my files more secure than that and I'm a no one. Air-gap your systems, use old-school Unix or Linux systems, store your sensitive stuff OFFLINE and in a locked up Faraday caged area with restricted access like NORMAL militaries do!

Elon Musk Throws A Fit After Thailand Navy SEALs Reject His "Robot Rescue", Successfully Save Kids In Cave Reader 07/11/2018 (Wed) 12:48:44 Id: 52d5a2 [Preview] No. 10891 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Elon Musk – continuing his recent streak of bizarre behavior - has publicly questioned the authority and expertise of one of the key individuals responsible for successfully navigating the rescue of 12 boys and one soccer coach trapped in a cave in Thailand.

If there has been one major world event that has brought people together and dominated the news over the course of the last several days, it has been this successful rescue. The rescue sparked jubilation and feel good headlines worldwide like this one, from the Guardian:

The group was trapped unexpectedly after the cave flooded due to heavy downpours and they were stranded for more than nine days before anybody was able to reach them or definitively figure out their location. 18 days later, all 12 boys and their coach were rescued successfully, thanks to the efforts of Thailand’s Navy SEALs and a collaborative effort by thousands of people who helped bring a happy ending to this national news story.

The ending was feel good for just about everybody – except Elon Musk.

Musk had thrust himself into the headlines of the story over the last few days as he frantically posted on social media about efforts that he was trying to lead to construct a device that could help rescue the trapped individuals.

Within the last 72 hours, Musk posted that his team of engineers had come up with an "escape pod" that they had tested locally in a swimming pool and were going to deploy to Thailand to try to help with the rescue efforts. Musk himself also wound up traveling to Thailand. Over the last 48 hours, Elon Musk and the story became intertwined with one another, with some people commending him for his efforts to try and help and others accusing him of trying to thrust himself into the spotlight of the national event where his help wasn’t specifically asked for.

Regardless, as the rescue effort took place over the course of several days and finally, when on Tuesday it was reported that all 12 children and the coach were in fact safe, Musk's "escape pod" wasn’t deployed or used in any fashion.

And instead of assuming that "all’s well that ends well" and being happy for the individuals who were rescued, Musk took it upon himself on Tuesday to actually question the authority of one of the joint commanders of the operation.

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The Guardian picked up the story on Tuesday and wrote:

Elon Musk has questioned the expertise of Thai rescue officials who turned down his offer of a submarine, despite their having organised the successful rescue of all 12 boys and their football coach from a flooded cave.

The entrepreneur had offered his help and posted footage of tests being carried out on the apparatus he proposed in recent days.

But while Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre co-ordinating the operation, acknowledged Musk’s offer he said that the mini submarine would not have been practical for the cave rescue.

“Even though their equipment is technologically sophisticated, it doesn’t fit with our mission to go in the cave,” Osatanakorn told reporters.

In response, Musk said Osatanakorn was “not the subject matter expert”, adding that he believed he had been “inaccurately described as rescue chief”, and should be more accurately referred to as the “former Thai provincial governor”.

After this, Musk said he was going to leave the mini-sub behind in case it becomes useful in the future.


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And THIS is what subsidies do to companies, folks. They make them entitled, arrogant and out of touch with reality.

Musk, seriously, focus on fixing all the vulnerabilities with those overpriced hackable vehicles that the CIA still has backdoor access into. Stop complaining when a legit professional turns down a business offer. You rely on taxpayer dollars (subsidies) and are currently wasting more of our money. If it were not for those subsidies the free market would have killed your insolvent business LONG AGO.