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(122.58 KB 640x452 new year.jpg)
new year Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 16:52:17 [Preview] No. 21798
What are you gonna do this night? My friendos are not in the city so I'll stay at home and chill. I'll drink beer (bomonti, the ottoman beer) eat peanuts and chips while f5ing endchan/kc.

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 20:31:12 [Preview] No.21799 del
Basically the same here.

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 20:59:45 [Preview] No.21800 del
well happy new year to Moscow and Turkey

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 22:16:05 [Preview] No.21801 del
(23.93 KB 546x407 spurdo.png)
happy new year danimarka and isviçre.

I just finished watching der untergang, feels hit me hard.

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 22:19:55 [Preview] No.21802 del
Just sitting and doing nothing.

Found old unopened bottle of champagne (2010), decided to try it - not good, even no gas inside.

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 22:52:28 [Preview] No.21803 del
I never knew they adopted Coca-Cola Santa in Russia.

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 23:16:05 [Preview] No.21806 del
(286.90 KB 1082x695 1542846214360.jpg)
Reporting in from 2019, feels like the future

Bernd 12/31/2018 (Mon) 23:40:01 [Preview] No.21809 del
God damn, 2019? It felt like 2014 just a few months ago.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 00:11:29 [Preview] No.21810 del
(62.52 KB 1066x558 1538511855456.png)
>still stuck in 2018
what do?

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 02:02:34 [Preview] No.21811 del
Happy new year Bernd! I hope you all have a great 2019.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 04:50:04 [Preview] No.21812 del
Last night I saw the NHK temple bell show. It's a quiet show not the loud singing contest.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=wwztR8Ip9mg [Embed]
This year's foreigners are some Filipinos and Malaysians in an international airport. Last year I remember there were some alien residents.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 04:52:51 [Preview] No.21813 del

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 04:53:17 [Preview] No.21814 del
Is this not supposed to be in your Taiwan thread?

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 05:50:51 [Preview] No.21817 del
(80.49 KB 935x1083 based.jpg)
Still 2018 where I live

Happy New Year Bernd Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 07:58:37 [Preview] No.21821 del
(53.93 KB 500x264 newyearvision.png)
I have this tradition I do every year, kind of a ritual. Not public, don't ask. Nothing naughty anyway, just personal.

- Houston, Houston! We have a problem!
- This is Houston, continue.
- The Soviets astronauts are painting the Moon red.
- Just let them do it. Houston out.
- Houston, the Russians just finished with the painting.
- Good. Now write Coca-Cola over it.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 08:20:25 [Preview] No.21825 del
What are some new year traditions, believes Bernd's country have?
We eat lentils for lunch on the first day of the new year as it brings wealth. My family do this all the time but we still aren't rich. I'm starting to suspect it's bullcrap.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 08:47:53 [Preview] No.21827 del
They say to eat some sauerkraut for good luck in the new year. Have done it most every year of my life and would hate to see how bad things would be had I not.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 11:14:28 [Preview] No.21829 del
It's probably some very local belief, but if you can see full moon during new year, grandpa moon will bring hapiness to good people.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 16:48:53 [Preview] No.21833 del
How come the Moon is male?

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:08:06 [Preview] No.21834 del
(871.44 KB 3264x2448 20190101_191813.jpg)
(841.74 KB 3264x2448 20190101_190435.jpg)
(893.43 KB 3264x2448 20190101_183111.jpg)
(822.43 KB 3264x2448 20190101_182548.jpg)
Sitting in train. Endchan mobile experience truly sucks, especially on bad connection

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:22:05 [Preview] No.21835 del
You bring glass cups to travel or they serve it?

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:26:16 [Preview] No.21836 del
The emblem of the railway company is on the cup, I would steal it though as souvenir.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:29:20 [Preview] No.21837 del
Turkish mytology. Sun is more related with fertility and beauty so she is a female (though this rarely varies amongs different Turkic nations) Also one of our old totemic figure is gök börü (blue wolf) and it's related with moon.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:29:46 [Preview] No.21838 del
i put sauer kraut on more stuff than usual this year. I would venture to say 3x the kraut of a normal new year's.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:41:40 [Preview] No.21841 del
>I would steal it though as souvenir.
Cups are counted as consumables anyway, they break easily and people do steal it, so normally they are calculated in the prices.


I wonder about Burgermark's sauerkraut. I'm skeptical about it's taste. Not because I want to offend anybody but even here the quality is very varied. Also the used spices does matter.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 17:50:32 [Preview] No.21843 del

Conductor sells tea ans coffee in these cups, cups of course aren't included in price. Conductor knows who ordered what, and tickets require passport, so you can't easily steal it. Although I don't want it anyway, it also could be just bought in specific shop.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 18:04:08 [Preview] No.21847 del
Pretty much all the sauerkraut sold in our grocery stores taste the same. They either come in a jar or bag and you just heat it or cook it with whatever else you're making.
I like it, it's one of those things I hated as a kid, but I'm guessing it's probably normal for kids not to like it as it's weird looking and pungent.
A few more artisanal restaurants will have better tasting sauerkraut but the american experience with it is pretty homogeneous I'd say.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 18:04:15 [Preview] No.21849 del
Well, it's not included per se, but it's a calculated loss built into the prices.
>tickets require passport
Brice of Freedom.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 20:44:12 [Preview] No.21904 del
Happy new year Bernd!
I've met with som friends, had good time, stayed awake for very long. We had some vodka and rum and of course cheap russian pseudo-champagne which is sort of a tradition here.

Bernd 01/01/2019 (Tue) 20:57:27 [Preview] No.21909 del
(82.70 KB 290x392 joge.jpg)
>cheap russian pseudo-champagne
Reminds me.
Two pals meet.
- What did you get for Christmas?
- Bunch of great stuff. Czech beer, Polish vodka, Soviet caviar, German wurst, Hungarian beat album. You?
- Similar. Hungarian beer, Czech vodka, German caviar, Polish wurst, Soviet beat album.

Bernd 01/02/2019 (Wed) 08:42:55 [Preview] No.21941 del
(404.88 KB 1920x1440 SN1vWh6aSSCzqglhCYMjew.jpg)
>Brice of Freedom.

It is long distance train (1000 km). Small suburban trains still don't require passports, but I'm sure that this would change in future.

>soviet champagne

Why? It isn't _that_ bad actually, in past Soviet Champaign manufacturing process was pretty modern (although there is hundreds of manufacturers now with questionable quantity).

But why? Especially not in Russia.

Bernd 01/02/2019 (Wed) 16:16:43 [Preview] No.21963 del
(115.73 KB 639x769 1483237680001.jpg)
(110.41 KB 1248x886 1396994817001.jpg)
(128.62 KB 634x738 1463524236001.jpg)
That feel when first NYE without casey and RFK.

Bernd 01/02/2019 (Wed) 16:30:07 [Preview] No.21964 del
What a surprise. How are you? Beside the feel.

Bernd 01/07/2019 (Mon) 21:25:08 [Preview] No.22151 del
(121.96 KB 498x594 badideas.png)
It feels good that /kc/ is so active, I was afraid it wouldn't make it to 2019. Let's make it to 2020 Bernd.

Bernd 01/08/2019 (Tue) 06:19:28 [Preview] No.22157 del
>Let's make it to 2020 Bernd.
If /kc/ would have just a little bit more active posters.

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