Bernd 09/05/2017 (Tue) 19:41:36 No. 9932 del
Additional note: September is unofficial start of Mediterranean basin cyclone season. No meteorological agency specifically monitors development of those storms; however there are several amateur stormchasers who do so, occasionally meteorologists also write reports after analysing measured data. Occasionally individual storms develop structure and intensity that makes them comparable to small hurricanes; however it is not a common occurrence due to 1) strong baroclinic effects which favour development of frontal rather than radial systems 2) lower sea surface temperatures allowing explosive warm-core cyclogenesis only in cases of cold air intrusions into upper troposphere (explaining the peak season September-December). I've closely followed development of two such systems over the last years; first made landfall on Sicily (and Malta) in early November 2014, second made landfall on Sardinia and Corsica in early October 2015.

Sites that will likely report are:
AccuWeather may report as systems develop as well.
and I intend to closely monitor the area as well. So far the summer has been favourable when it comes to warming up the sea; we'll see how the conditions develops further.