Bernd 12/22/2018 (Sat) 10:25:17 No.21406 del
No, they didnt make me eat head.

What I think is, nowadays the general idea of grooming(?) kids is flawed due to static behaviour. We expected to treat them as the most unique and best creatures in thhe world or some families just don't care and let kids do their thing which is rarely good thing. Anyway because of former behaviour I mention, kids think they're entitled to everything by birthright which is wrong, their actions should have consequences be it good or bad. But I think treating your kids that way just because they're kids and didnt do anything bad, is also bad. Rewarding the good, punishing the bad is more or less working behavior pattern, idk why people just started to see it more allien everyday.

Also, as I mention such bad behavior also have consequences, kids are guaranteed to be bydlo or bydlo like people when they grown up, you know all their anger towards the world not gonna go away so easily.