Bernd 12/06/2018 (Thu) 22:38:00 No.21082 del
Well assuming that's true, a mistake going on for a few hundred years won't going to erase the thousands of years tradition and belief. homewer neo-paganisms are flawed mainly because they are neo, european paganism tradition mainly die out.

It would be very logical to assume, paganisms and their splitoff local beliefs were represantor of the peoples lifestyles, by lifestyle I mean pretty much everything not glamour and fashion. So when you revive a thing you must both interconnect with your ancestors(assuming the person is into it) also it has to fit the present age as paganisms were mostly not dogmatic.

This is for neo paganisms of course, people dont show attention to already existing paganisms simply because they are not hype and holywood don't bastardized praised them for their own likings, made them another buyable tool, it's kinda similar to new age buddhism hype actually.