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>It is a mistake to allow Jews to mingle with Aryans as social equals. I have
>never been forced to do this, & at high school I drew the colour line at Jews as
>well as negroes, though of course there is no racial comparison between the two
>classes of undesirables.

>But I, thank the Gods, am an Aryan, & can rejoice in the glorious victory of T.
>Flavius Vespasianus, under whose legions the Jewish race & their capital were
>trodden out of national existence! I am an anti-Semitic by nature, but thought
>I had concealed my prejudice in my remarks concerning Isaacson. I showed him
>every consideration in my article, carefully saying that I attacked not the man,
>but the ideas. However, if Jerusalem wishes to start trouble, he will find in me
>a new Titus, eager to inscribe on my eagles the triumphant legend IVDAEA CAPTA!