Bernd 05/15/2018 (Tue) 14:14:39 No.16511 del
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All discussion about FB or other big social sites isn't about software, but about people. There is already plenty of software that can be used. Masses wouldn't go anywhere without very serious marketing campaign, and even with it this could fail (like with google+).

People tend to sit where others do. People don't want to leave facebook because all friends and relatives are there (even when almost every user complains about evilness of fb). Small amount of fanatical users who move to GNU/wtf or diaspora or whatever couldn't do anything because they aren't relevant.

That is why facebook may be killed only by other facebook-like global thing, not by bunch of small independent sites. For example, instagram had luck and grown from photo-sharing shit to real social network, but started to be big (and evil of course) in process. It is very serious amount of money, and when you spend that you'll already at level when you have thousands of parasite-managers, diversitee consultants, government requests and other shit.

Even creating federation of small servers doesn't work, because people tend to go to the biggest and stable, so it will be "everyone on one server and bunch of fanatics on self-owned". Like situation with XMPP in Russia, when everyone sit on because other server are personal or just die in few months.