Bernd 04/16/2018 (Mon) 17:16:18 No.15983 del
General Wesley Clark is correct about the oil but a lot of people get it all wrong. They think the US govt wants to steal the oil, when in all reality the US govt wants to *SUPPRESS it. Why would they? Think about it. What is the US reserve currency backed with? Global oil trade! Now, what happens if rogue nations (like Syria, Iran, Iraq, et al.) utilize their oil reserves? They'll start trading OUTSIDE the US petrodollar reserve currency standard! This undermines the USD $$$ on an international scale. Since 1974 we set up the US petrodollar with OPEC nations as the reserve currency for global oil trade. Every single nation we go to war with just so happens to have plans to bypass the US/OPEC reserve currency by trading oil for other currencies and/or gold!

Like I said anons, all economics!