Bernd 04/16/2018 (Mon) 05:17:10 No.15968 del
I wouldn't say that. For several reasons.
1. The Fidesz doesn't need the Jobbik.
2. The radical voters don't have anyone else to support. If the Jobbik would offer it's ass to Fidesz, then the radical members would leave creating their own 5-10% radical party. Or just resurrect the MIÉP. In any case the radical voters would support that, but then they would have to start again the softening to gain more supporters from the people who got enough of Fidesz.
3. They still can tell about themselves they aren't the part of the Fidesz' corruption.
4. It's still easier to remain in opposition and doing effectively nothing which could help to show themselves as spotless.
5. The liberal media still accuse(?) them with Nazism which helps to keep the facade of radicalism.