Bernd 04/05/2018 (Thu) 17:25:31 No.15632 del
Dear Diary.
Today I thought about why I don't find blogposting a good idea. I think the problem has two layers. A personal (of mine) and a board related.
While sometimes I tend to blogpost - for example the music I share in the music thread I usually listen it at that moment or like that drill I tried to fix also counts as a blogpost basically - this board and my country are just too damn small and someone could easily gather breadcrumbs about me and identify me IRL if I'm not careful and closed lipped enough. Why would be bad if someone do that? Because I'm damn sure that someone who does such thing like that do it for his own amusement and has zero good intentions toward me and neutral at best. That ain't good.
The layer of imageboards can be divided further.
Blogposting is kinda go against the anonymity of chans, creating personalities - that would be actually advisable on my personal layer: invent a pseudo-character with imaginary information about him to share, however this is just too large of a task for someone who actually has stuff to do during his days.
Blogposting also usually breaks the themes of non-/b/ boards. International boards like /kc/ are - in their essence - for international discussions. Politics, cultures, whatever. On the other hand the reality is that they are usually /b/ with flags.

I have to acknowledge however that blogposting can be relevant and lead to serious discussions as well.