Bernd 01/12/2018 (Fri) 16:36:15 No.13030 del
All right. I obviously dun goofed again, I'm a bit distracted these days, that's Hanguk's embassy. But it gives us an important information. They established it in "01 FEB. 1989" which gives us the estimated date when the relations ceased between Choson and Hungary. They considered our opening toward Hanguk a treasonous act and they recalled their ambassador (actually they sent him to Bulgaria).
Previously we had good relations, Choson was a brotherly socialist country. During the Korean War supposedly we sent medical doctors there to establish a hospital. The commie regime financed some industrial projects as well, built several factories or helped in the construction. In '56 the few hundred Korean uni students who studied here stood beside the revolution against the Stalinists and the war of independence against the Soviet. Cool dudes.