Bernd 01/12/2018 (Fri) 00:07:08 No.13025 del
>I see Assad moved his troops that fighted isis
Not just his own troops. Now that the war in Iraq is over, Iraqi Shia militias and Iranian assets previously tied over the border are now back to Syria.

>Article mentions Assad wants to take back control of 100% of the land, which means he will have to do something about kurds eventually.
He wants to crush Rojavathe "Democratic Federation of Northern Syria", but there'll be nothing he'll be able to do if America, Russia, Iran and Turkey decide that there should be an autonomous region or if America decides to prop up its sphereling by keeping a permanent military presence there -a real possibility, though it'd push Erdogan even further away into the Russo-Iranian side.

>but will they actually do something to stop it?
They can stop doing air strikes.