Bernd 01/08/2018 (Mon) 23:51:12 No.12972 del [Embed]

This is Dystopia's excellent cover of "Cosmetic Plague" by Rudimentary Penii. Such insightful lyrics, hidden under harsh, borderline-inhuman vocals. Between the delivery and the 30 fucking minutes of nothing hiding it after "Diary of a Battered Child", it becomes clear just how important rewarding the attentive listener (and scorning the fickle one) is to these guys.

This spirit of exclusivity is what makes the secrets of Punk Rock much more valuable and beautiful than any other genre, no matter how pretentious or highbrow.

This version is from the lower sound quality, original release of ...The Aftermath, do some digging online and you can get a much clearer and vibrant copy of the album.

I bought a hard copy for ~40 USD on eBay, best money I ever spent. Especially after seeing the message "PAY NO MORE THAN $10 US (or equivalent currency)" on the back of the case.