Bernd 01/04/2018 (Thu) 18:27:22 No.12901 del
I'll give some examples.

Mage Wars.
People call it "Magic the Gathering the Board Game" although I never played MtG so I won't comment how accurate is that. Idea is simple, two mages enter arena and they fight to death. Large amount of different card spells and (thanks to expansions) a lot of different characters to choose from make it quite complex tactical game. My friend I used to play with called it modern chess. I think I mentioned this game here earlier.

It's like RPG dungeon crawler board game. You have your characters, they have stats, equipment, skills etc. There's Dungeon Master who control monsters, traps etc. There's book with scenarios, and there are puzzle like terrain pieces that can be arranged in many ways. Scenarios can be played separately or as a campaign so between battles players can go to city to gear up, heal etc.
There was very similar game where instead of scenarios players would travel on a big world map with cities, monsters etc., but unfortunately I forgot the name. If I remember correctly it was made by the same company and set in the same world.

7 Wonders.
You build your civilization based around one of the ancient 7 wonders. The one that scores the most points in the end of the game, wins. There are many ways of getting points: there are cultural buildings, resources, economy, war. What I like is that it's not necessary to go to war, you can't really get annihilated during the game and if you're good you can loose every battle that occurs and still win the game.

Settlers of Catan
Based purely on economy. Gather resources, trade, build your infrastructure. Guy who gets big enough wins.