Bernd 11/14/2017 (Tue) 22:51:10 No. 11903 del
Also my opinion on this game so far is great but here's a few issues I have and I hope they improve it later:
1) Ground battles are shit. There's no need to recruit military leaders for ground forces, it's really about destroying enemy fleet and then whatever he had on the ground is irrelevant.
2) I would love to check history of my leaders, like who ruled for how long etc. Now when someone resings from his position he is lost in the horde of other leaders I have. Also some advanced leader mechanics would be cool too. Like in the direction of Crusader Kings. I can't even tell the sex of my leader, except if he's humanoid or mentioned in event description. Their entire description is skill level and some traits, I want at least a bit of story there.