Bernd 11/14/2017 (Tue) 01:43:44 No. 11887 del
An article from Hans Adam II's cousin, over a month old but still relevant:,politics,2338.html

I liked his points about so-called "international legitimacy" and its arrogant claim to the eternal moral value of 1945 borders.

Now look at the butthurt Castillian in the comments:

>Pay attention to big confusion between self-determination and secession. First, is recognized by International Law to peoples under colonial domination (ex. Western Sahara) and, within States, only to those included in an authoritarian State who doesn't allow the people to keep its traditions or religion, or participate in the political life of the country. This is clearly the case for Kurdistan. This is not at all the case for Cataluña. It has a degree of auto-government bigger than any other federate state in countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, USA... The dialect Catalan not only is official; worse, the Catalan authorities discriminate the citizens wanting to use Castellano. A right to secession is not recognized by any democratic Constitution in the world. Our democratic States cannot support a minority of the population threatening the national unity. This kind of populist movements is contrary to European integration, its principles, and its values, one of which is the rule of law. Exceptions to the rule of law cannot be accepted in European countries if we want to keep our traditional legal orders, that gave us more than six decades in peace.

>muh populism
>(((european integration)))
>if a state allows you to partake in its political process, you can no longer desire secession
>thinking that legal orders and not geopolitical factors are the main reasons for Western Europe's peace