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(16.76 MB 640x360 german-history.webm)
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(888.64 KB 360x360 cat-wizard.webm)
(4.34 MB 1280x720 isis-agriculture.webm)
Webm thread Bernd 06/26/2018 (Tue) 07:02:33 [Preview] No. 17541 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Because old thread is resting in peace
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Bernd 08/12/2018 (Sun) 19:56:00 [Preview] No.18442 del
Also my original point was even them prefer cutting over stabbing despite being a special unit (and religious fanatics), confirming Grossman's views.

Bernd 08/12/2018 (Sun) 20:07:22 [Preview] No.18443 del
I would've thought that they're hellbent on beheading because all the early Muslims did it, and that it's proscribed in the Quran. Aside from that being just a propaganda video and nothing like their actual battles.

Bernd 08/12/2018 (Sun) 20:30:59 [Preview] No.18444 del
It does seem like me that this is a spec ops unit and prepare/training for an infiltration situation through a body of water. This situation would involve approaching and incapacitating enemy sentries from behind. But maybe not and only the Serbian Bernd's description/joke as "ISIS navy seals" influenced me to view them as such.

Bernd 08/12/2018 (Sun) 20:33:50 [Preview] No.18445 del
Protip: Whenever a jihadi group uploads a training video online, they use none of the tactics they use in real life. I might as well post this on the battle thread.

Bernd 08/13/2018 (Mon) 15:04:05 [Preview] No.18456 del
(2.32 MB 640x360 nasheed_cat.webm)
I only have jihadi kot webm.

(542.89 KB 943x1400 1443052925669.png)
Bernd 08/13/2018 (Mon) 13:17:05 [Preview] No. 18454 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
give me old kaycee webm with jihadi hamster pls
https://youtube.com/watch?v=D2OBLzm-lSw [Embed]

Bernd 08/13/2018 (Mon) 13:53:38 [Preview] No.18455 del
Say what?

(559.95 KB 1092x1023 anger.png)
What's next? Bernd 07/02/2018 (Mon) 17:12:27 [Preview] No. 17642 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Well, Bernd. This might be it. Tengri seems not want me to post here.
I know the past few day's outage wasn't the fault of management and probably not even the errors we're experiencing constantly. But they are there and a new one appeared and I'm fed up and don't know how to deal with it. I don't have any influence on this, I can't do anything to change these. Up to today I tried patience and beside that the only option is moving.
Our posts are fewer and fewer. Due to the outages our numbers dwindled. I'm kinda pissed and losing hope things will turn out good for Endchan.
I'm really grateful to all the Bernds who kept coming. And now I need your opinion on this thing. I could stay but I would check other Bernd-related chans and boards anyway where you post too most likely.
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Bernd 08/07/2018 (Tue) 09:18:29 [Preview] No.18339 del
How does this ernstchan relate to the old ernstchan?

Bernd 08/07/2018 (Tue) 10:36:34 [Preview] No.18341 del
Seems like the old admin nuked the original site cause he got doxxed but the old staff just picked it back up more or less. Same software and mostly the same staff afaik.

Bernd 08/07/2018 (Tue) 15:54:34 [Preview] No.18343 del
I think this >>18341 but I also believe now /int/ is the core while on the old Ernst the German side (/b/ and the other boards) of the site was that.

Bernd 08/07/2018 (Tue) 16:42:02 [Preview] No.18345 del
oh yeah I forget they have other boards. I remember early on looking at them and they did seem active on the original Ernst sadly I don't know any german.

Bernd 08/08/2018 (Wed) 04:53:15 [Preview] No.18359 del
Btw this is just a general discussion on international boards moving is not in my mind on any level, until Endchan lives it's staying.

(319.95 KB 1280x960 Dsc00013.jpg)
(327.47 KB 1280x960 Dsc00017.jpg)
(1011.29 KB 1280x960 Dsc00019.jpg)
(313.09 KB 1280x960 Dsc00020.jpg)
Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 13:22:19 [Preview] No. 18301 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I just found some random pics from 2002 Ropecon in Finland. Felt like posting here. I'm finnish btw
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Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 15:33:00 [Preview] No.18311 del

Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 15:41:22 [Preview] No.18312 del
(2.05 MB 2304x3456 condescending_finn.jpg)
Am disappoint.
They are liek fat Americans except that two blondes with bad posture.

Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 16:00:36 [Preview] No.18314 del
(1.65 MB 1280x720 dragonhunder.webm)
Oh, I see.
What kind was that? I think I liek medieval roolipeli although never participated.

Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 16:12:05 [Preview] No.18318 del
Judging by Wikipedia it's average fantasy roolipeli with roolipeli games, LARooliPeli, cvard hames, war and strategy gaming.

Bernd 08/06/2018 (Mon) 16:12:39 [Preview] No.18319 del
>cvard hames
*card games

(803.40 KB 1632x1224 lil_tank1_s.JPG)
(626.73 KB 1632x1224 lil_tank2_s.JPG)
(626.89 KB 1632x1224 lil_tank3_s.JPG)
Bernd 07/31/2018 (Tue) 19:50:53 [Preview] No. 18181 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Today I had to bury the 6th dead bird this year. Not even this year, this summer! I would say I never ever buried this much but frankly before this I had to do this only twice in my whole life. I dunno what's going on with them.
It would be easier to just dump them into the dumpster but frankly I rather spend some energy and give them an ok final rest.
During digging I came across a very interesting archaeological findings: this tank on picrels. It wasn't mine and not any of my pals owned such or even played around that spot in our childhood so I suppose one of my family members owned this there are some possibilities.
What Bernd think what type of tank is this? I think it has the Sherman looks.

Also this can be a general vehicle/weapons thread as well.

(4.23 KB 132x200 153261044687s.jpg)
Murders Bernd 07/31/2018 (Tue) 15:57:04 [Preview] No. 18172 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Recreating various outside crisis situations or not results in invisibility and speed,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.They're hungrily pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,thirstily turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people .Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,cuts,suffocations,draining energy.Being pulled towards the future or the past along with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with and surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked,getting into accidents or sending messages.People are travelling to the future and to the past.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world,which worlds and times are they from?They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning,growing,making and using the clones.The souls of the dead and others are travelling into other peoples bodies to be young and healthy.The things in the spectrums that have the opposite affect of the things in the spectrums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc and there's the others in the middle.Some people know other peoples thoughts and are communicating telepathically,interuptions,influencing,scolding,interference,torturing and controlling peoples minds and bodies and murdering and bothering other people listen to the sounds similar to the heat bug and electronic sounds.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling hot and sick?The soaps are turning peoples faces and necks into hideous monsters.Peoples bodies are being damaged and aged by the shampoo,soap,working,rubs,creams,pills,people,food,beverages,etc.Air bubbles and dissolved air in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people,strokes and deaths.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.People are communicating with other people through nightmares.People are using other people to say their thoughts.Your superstitious,nature's,etc examples,stuck in this nest.They're waking people up again and again and people are waking up in this place and they're causing other sleeping problems and deaths,picking,poking,prodding,digging people with medical instruments.The TV creeps and others are accusing people of being criminals and others in a past life,threatening,hynotising,insulting and bothering people about what they are doing,saying and their thoughts,maybe they'll reach through the screen and your reality show from this world,concluding the experiments and cleaning the cages.

Bernd 07/31/2018 (Tue) 16:33:59 [Preview] No.18174 del
This has the taste of a song titled Forensick by The Haunted. Or the Intro from the God Hates Us All album by Slayer (I think Darkness of Christ is the title of that).

Bernd 06/30/2017 (Fri) 03:31:21 [Preview] No. 8551 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Do you guys like space? I think space is really neat.
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Bernd 04/05/2018 (Thu) 15:46:53 [Preview] No.15631 del
>how so many can feel so inspired by space missions when they choose to ignore how impractical, maybe impossible those tasks are.
Lots of people are romantic. It's easier to focus on the possible adventures and such.

Bernd 07/28/2018 (Sat) 23:07:48 [Preview] No.18132 del
(1.33 MB 960x720 gondola stargaze.webm)
I failed to get a telescope in time to see the Martian opposition, but it turns out I wouldn't be able to see much as there's a global dust storm at the moment. I also missed yesterday's red moon because the night was cloudy.

Bernd 07/30/2018 (Mon) 17:17:17 [Preview] No.18156 del
We had rains.
>global dust storm
We have such?

Bernd 07/31/2018 (Tue) 00:31:40 [Preview] No.18162 del
Mars has one every once in a while.

Bernd 07/31/2018 (Tue) 05:16:31 [Preview] No.18164 del
Oh yeah. I hurried too much to read your post and misunderstood the written.

(54.93 KB 840x463 pg173tp127h992g80.jpg)
(23.28 KB 300x225 radialista.jpg)
Bernd 07/17/2018 (Tue) 01:14:21 [Preview] No. 17961 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Haro, gringos. How much happy i'm now... I think the krautchan is ended - forever.

But, hey! There you are. I love you'll, one more brazilian to make this hole forum great again.

Oh, thats amazing. Where is my gringo friends? Say: Olá, is "hi", in brazilian portuguese.

Talking about portuguese, he have some tugas here? I love you'll too, my intercontinental brother!

Bernd 07/17/2018 (Tue) 05:29:27 [Preview] No.17964 del
Oh, hello there. How are you doing?

Bernd 07/17/2018 (Tue) 07:19:05 [Preview] No.17965 del
(326.03 KB 1920x1080 MONKEY.webm)
I don't really have any objection against Brazilians. I even like Brazilians, before imageboards I had worse image of Brazilians in my mind.

But spirit of old Krautchan forces me to post this.

Bernd 07/17/2018 (Tue) 09:58:51 [Preview] No.17967 del
O harro there! this is bernd from Germanistan speaking thru an oniontube, do you copy? Over

Bernd 07/18/2018 (Wed) 16:08:07 [Preview] No.17976 del

I though of that webm when I saw this thread.

(289.92 KB 820x588 laszti_és_csuka.png)
Bernd 05/18/2018 (Fri) 15:32:23 [Preview] No. 16557 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm gonna red-white-greenpill you on Hungarian football.
It isn't a secret that the football of our country in our days is pretty weak but this wasn't always the case so I thought a glimpse in this could be interesting. It won't be only about the past, but I try to introduce the present as well. Some parts will be kinda memey and not too precise I think.
I have some material gathered for this already, I'll try and create new posts in timely fashion. I don't plan it to be too long tho coz I'll never finish it.

This also can be a thread dedicated for sports or kinda /fit/ as we have people who do that kind of activites, and it can be one for outdoors too ofc.
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Bernd 07/15/2018 (Sun) 23:43:15 [Preview] No.17946 del
Now this was a good game, with plenty of movement and the French team playing brilliantly. But I got so sad about Croatia's defeat I couldn't enjoy it.

Bernd 07/16/2018 (Mon) 05:07:58 [Preview] No.17947 del
>Now this was a good game,
>the French team playing brilliantly.
Didn't seem like that on this side of the world. Nevertheless they scored two more so no reason to complain much.

Now what will I draw for the final?

Bernd 07/16/2018 (Mon) 10:22:42 [Preview] No.17949 del
I wonder if France could have done what Belgium did. It could have been you winning 7-1 against Croatia.

Bernd 07/18/2018 (Wed) 05:07:02 [Preview] No.17968 del
(73.06 KB 500x350 Fra-4-2-Cro.png)
(969.69 KB 2200x1950 group_stage.png)
(572.97 KB 2000x2000 knockout-stage.png)
Because of yesterdays 500 server error I couldn't post these.
I'll return back writing about the Hungarian football, for my hopes in a more brief fashion, because yesterday I started something else. You'll see it in the evening.

Bernd 07/18/2018 (Wed) 05:11:33 [Preview] No.17969 del
*clap clap*
good stuff archived

(7.77 KB 645x773 Wojak.gif)
Bernd 03/26/2018 (Mon) 01:12:38 [Preview] No. 15244 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
that feel when no gf
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Bernd 07/13/2018 (Fri) 20:25:43 [Preview] No.17904 del
we all know that feel

Bernd 07/15/2018 (Sun) 19:31:57 [Preview] No.17940 del
> tfw no gf dinner

Bernd 07/15/2018 (Sun) 19:57:18 [Preview] No.17941 del
Is that the smaller kot?

Bernd 07/15/2018 (Sun) 20:03:44 [Preview] No.17942 del
(1.76 MB 3264x2448 2018-07-15 23-04-43.JPG)
Yep, the smaller one

Bernd 07/15/2018 (Sun) 20:08:20 [Preview] No.17944 del
That not angry bydlo.