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(200.57 KB 540x299 881.png)
Blogspot thred Bernd 04/03/2018 (Tue) 14:02:19 [Preview] No. 15577 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The boiling meat burned itself
I'm not happy of the results. Now the house smells like shit and the meat will be given to the dogs.
Good thing is, when going to the meatshop to buy steaks (because the thing that was boiling got its water evaporated), my complete overboard thinking on the ruined meal allowed me to talk to a nice looking girl.
But still, the meat is completely ruined. My mother was supposed to eat that.
Talk here about ocurrances in your life, good, bad and memetic
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Bernd 05/02/2018 (Wed) 05:22:53 [Preview] No.16239 del
Did they copypaste a text from a survival/boyscout guide and spiffied out a bit?

>Who are the Polovtsians and where did they go?
Someone pls answer this simple question so I could feel secure again.

Bernd 05/02/2018 (Wed) 08:29:32 [Preview] No.16241 del
>Did they copypaste a text from a survival/boyscout guide and spiffied out a bit?

Text has somewhat artistic style and doesn't look like guide, but more like part of fiction book. I guess their CEO is wannabe-writer.

>>Who are the Polovtsians and where did they go?
>Someone pls answer this simple question so I could feel secure again.

Polovtsi is the Russian name of Cumans. Some of Cumans moved to the Hungary in 13th century, so, they are near you. Do you feel secure now?


Bernd 05/02/2018 (Wed) 16:09:49 [Preview] No.16243 del
>Do you feel secure now?
I'm not sure. Could you tell me please how to cook a canned meal?

Bernd 05/02/2018 (Wed) 16:13:00 [Preview] No.16244 del
Oh I forget. Such handbooks can contain semi-philosophical ramblings. They aren't just "how to cut a notch in a stick" or "how to survive on a bottle of piss". I might even read something similar in a sharpening handbook which has less to do with nature.

Bernd 05/02/2018 (Wed) 17:02:05 [Preview] No.16246 del
>how to cook a canned meal?

Actually, original says "how to make canned meal", i.e. do you know process of canning/preservation etc. Although it is pretty ambiguous form of sentence, but context helps.

Google translate sucks. I often see people who says something like "look, very soon language learning will be obsolete because computers", and every year they are proven wrong.

(6.30 MB 986x1080 1500597619001.webm)
Bernd 07/21/2017 (Fri) 15:19:50 [Preview] No. 9058 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'd fuck these 13 year olds so damn hard. What kind of faggot wouldn't want the age of consent lowered to 12?
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Bernd 04/30/2018 (Mon) 09:23:51 [Preview] No.16185 del
Good old Florida thread

Bernd 04/30/2018 (Mon) 17:33:45 [Preview] No.16205 del
Is this the most autistic thread in /kc/ history?

Bernd 04/30/2018 (Mon) 21:27:28 [Preview] No.16214 del
could someone please provide a link to OP's webm? asking for a friend

Bernd 05/01/2018 (Tue) 06:28:59 [Preview] No.16217 del
You can find the video on the youtube channel someone posted little above.

Bernd 05/01/2018 (Tue) 17:42:25 [Preview] No.16232 del
>muh correlation doesn't equal causation

What is normalization, standardization and a bayesian score of slutty behavior seen across all census in regards to chastity? Seriously nigger these are all statistics that correlate with each other and they were posted multiple times. Also I'm not attacking all women as I have praised Japan's women for not being vapid cunts.

>muh IQ doesn't determine intelligence

Go have a baby with someone who has an IQ of 70 then, or even better a Down's syndrome inflicted person. Put your money where your words are:^]

>Hurr the deviation of IQ isn't that high it's just a point

As it was proven in the thread IQ is not a linear measurement it usually has exponential effects.

>I'm not a feminist WAAAAAAAAH

Yet you continue to attack your fellow posters'chastity, continue to argue without any evidence or statistics for your claims.

Worry Bernd 04/27/2018 (Fri) 16:16:36 [Preview] No. 16116 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If all the pictures and posts of a week are gone for good, why worry? Maybe, real worry is other imageboards' decline and that Odilitime manages things better?

Pls post your worries. I mean worry bears. For real worries the blog thread still usable.
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Bernd 04/27/2018 (Fri) 16:25:36 [Preview] No.16123 del
(484.01 KB 720x1103 stop_worry_book.jpg)
(101.36 KB 606x604 trying_to_worry_me.jpg)
(310.31 KB 580x282 why_wolly.png)
(57.28 KB 658x714 why_worry_man.png)

Bernd 04/27/2018 (Fri) 16:26:05 [Preview] No.16124 del
(22.59 KB 500x500 1517860194001.jpg)
Worries are don't

Bernd 04/27/2018 (Fri) 20:26:20 [Preview] No.16126 del
(396.49 KB 795x960 alextime-worry.jpg)
(338.42 KB 666x999 worry-tpl.png)
Second one is my OC from some old kc thread, but no one really used it. Feels sad man.

Bernd 04/30/2018 (Mon) 09:25:09 [Preview] No.16186 del
good thread. I've got a few old KC threads saved with these if anyone wants them

Bernd 04/30/2018 (Mon) 13:11:51 [Preview] No.16190 del
Go ahead.

(1.76 MB 3264x2448 001.JPG)
(1.67 MB 3264x2448 002.JPG)
Foods, Drinks and general Cooking thread Bernd 04/27/2018 (Fri) 15:54:52 [Preview] No. 16110 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
While one can read recipes pictures of meals for example very important. The looks of a food will beat how it sounds.

I will repost my gulyás cooking for this purpose, maybe someone hasn't checked it out yet, and it looks good and contains some pictures. So here it goes.

Cooking with Bernd: gulyás

I was planning to post a good gulyás cooking since day one but somehow the occasion eluded me until now. I know a Hungarobernd did this on KC main but it was regular "cooking in the kitchen" type of thread and not "over open fire in bogrács" (traditional Hungarian pot).
I couldn't do this live for technical reasons but it will be fine this way too.

Pic #1
Ingredients: meat (little bit over half a kilo, it's pork, not beef), taters (by volume I used about the double of the meat dunno their weight), onions, tomato, paprikas, black pepper in the mill, dried ground paprika in the jar with the red lid, salt in the middle, and the white wax paper on the right covers the salo (fatback).
You can also see my Mora for cutting needs and a bearly visible peace from a wooden spoon behind the meat and the potato, the masterpiece of my carving art, used for stir the food in the bogrács.
The taters are leftovers from winter, wizened but fine for our purpose. Some of the onions and the paprikas are also leftovers I utilized.

Pic #2
The initial setup. Two quarter logs at the sides and a nest in the middle for the fire itself also aligned toward the usual main direction of the wind. The rocks are there for a little draft control. Tripod to hang the bogrács.
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Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 12:48:56 [Preview] No.16172 del
(321.54 KB 1280x960 0629.jpg)
They're gonna take a while before they're finished. I just started preparing the veggies. Garlic and onion for the sauce (final roast will be in foil with the sauce), baby onions, asparagus.

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 13:14:08 [Preview] No.16174 del
(233.05 KB 1280x960 0631.jpg)

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 13:51:06 [Preview] No.16176 del
It's more healthy to consume aspergers outside /kc/. More vitamins, minerals and fibre.
Sounds good btw.

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 14:31:47 [Preview] No.16177 del
(211.10 KB 1280x960 0633.jpg)
(237.84 KB 1280x960 0634.jpg)
(276.64 KB 1280x960 0635.jpg)
asparagus syndrome

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 15:57:40 [Preview] No.16178 del
Good job.
According to the Art of Manliness from the hundred skills every man should know one is Cooking with Charcoal.

(44.04 KB 428x500 Deus_Ex_Trump.jpg)
Restoration thread Bernd 04/28/2018 (Sat) 21:49:28 [Preview] No. 16152 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
We need BO here.
We need CSS.
We need banners.
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Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 11:25:33 [Preview] No.16167 del
Sorry I was busy last 2 days and couldn't do anything about the board.
I reuploaded css file and it seems to be working, thanks
>>16154 for having it, because I just checked and realized I didn't have it saved anywhere wew.
All banners are gone and need to be reuploaded. The only restriction for banners on endchan is that they not exceed 48MB. On 8ch standard was 300x100 pixels, but I think we can loosen that standard a bit. If someone here is using phone for browsing then I would like to hear his opinion how much we could loosen it before it gets difficult to view. Obviously I don't want to make board unreadable for anyone.

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 11:28:57 [Preview] No.16168 del
I also see site is not working properly still. I really wouldn't like to put any work into our board looks just to find out some time later that odili had to do whatever again and we need to start over. Maybe we should wait a few days for everything to get stabilized?

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 11:37:10 [Preview] No.16169 del
It's all right. Thanks for restoring the CSS.
I think we can go on for a while without banners, we'll see how the staff get Endchan together.

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 13:10:29 [Preview] No.16173 del
is it just me or are balls borked on .xyz?

Bernd 04/29/2018 (Sun) 13:42:24 [Preview] No.16175 del
It seems it's in Ordnung for me.

Weather Autism Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 20:11:13 [Preview] No. 16071 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Old thread is on auto-säge. It's already very hot in Europe and it's just April.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 20:25:56 [Preview] No.16073 del
Meanwhile lots of snow in the Midwest and Canada.

Bernd 04/20/2018 (Fri) 01:43:30 [Preview] No.16087 del
It was 28°C here earlier today, I just want muh wind and rain back.

Bernd 04/20/2018 (Fri) 05:09:34 [Preview] No.16090 del
And your snow.

(368.90 KB 3000x1688 be free or die.jpg)
(454.76 KB 764x3344 lv-guide2.png)
Libre Vidya Thread Bernd 06/25/2017 (Sun) 11:20:07 [Preview] No. 8329 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Let's see your TOP 3 open source community driven games.

I personally love games involving strategy:

Warzone 2100: https://www.wz2100.net/
Great tech tree with a balance on power, research and production with a tech tree you will never complete.

OpenRA: http://www.openra.net/
Now with near complete Tiberium Sun support and RA2 soon.

Unvanquished: https://www.unvanquished.net/
An advanced FPS with a strong emphasis on team play and tactics.
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Bernd 04/18/2018 (Wed) 17:41:26 [Preview] No.16049 del
Duly noted.
I loaded my save of openMW. But I didn't bothered to refresh my memory what to do next so I quit.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 13:04:00 [Preview] No.16062 del
(2.28 MB 1920x1025 1521663286909.png)
Anyone here played tes3mp? I was trying it out recently and aside from lack of custom spells and potions right now it's breddy good. Maybe we should start a /kc/ server one day.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 16:52:22 [Preview] No.16069 del
That's an interesting notion. Despite the strong aversion I feel toward multiplayer I might agree to give it a try. I see some problem with the when and how long.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 22:15:02 [Preview] No.16075 del
eh I'll pass
I never was a fan of tes

Bernd 04/20/2018 (Fri) 01:38:11 [Preview] No.16086 del
Yea timezones would be an issue combined with the fact that we don't have much activity in the first place. Also mage builds would be pretty boring without custom spells anyway I guess.
Morrowind is still worth a try if you haven't tried it before. Unlike other TES games the writing and setting is actually interesting.

(15.73 KB 502x505 gothgangxd.PNG)
Bernd 03/26/2018 (Mon) 19:02:19 [Preview] No. 15315 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
uses twitter for a year
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Bernd 04/18/2018 (Wed) 18:13:54 [Preview] No.16052 del

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 13:00:10 [Preview] No.16060 del
>implying it isn't better to encourage them both and watch as they remove each other

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 23:11:15 [Preview] No.16079 del
You're probably thinking of authority in terms of social relations and organization, which is a valid way to use that word, but anarchists are chiefly concerned about coercion.

Semantics aside, that pic just makes a simple argument. It merely points out that
>as any other anarchists, ancoms claim that their system involves no coercion
>ancom societies necessarily require coercion
>thus, ancoms simultaneously stand against coercion and propose it as part of their own system

>>15915 then shows a classic counterargument: that enforcing property rights, too, requires using violence. Ancaps then respond that this violence, which they deem the only acceptable form of violence, is legitimate because it's merely a form of self-defence.
I don't know what's the ancom justification for their own use of coercion, though; pretending that there's no coercion doesn't cut it because forcing people at gunpoint to stay at your commune is in no way "anarchist" or "libertarian" in the pure sense of these words. They may, however, justify it in the same vein as ancaps by explaining it as a form of legitimate violence, probably by describing it as a rightful resistance against inherently authoritarian/hierachical/coercive wageslavery, money and surplus value extraction.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 23:22:10 [Preview] No.16082 del
>implying you need the state for defense
Good goyim

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 23:57:14 [Preview] No.16085 del
I remember a thread on 8/liberty/ discussing how an anarchist society could fight off a state's invasion. Guerilla warfare, it was argued, could drive away the enemy, and there are convincing historical precedents to believe so.
This, however, has the following caveats: it requires a population comitted to maintaining their libertarian social order, damages the country (an inevitable side effect of guerilla warfare) and offers far less of a deterrent than having a regular army.

(64.91 KB 331x500 Első_TK.jpg)
(35.64 KB 340x453 Nagy_Ződ.jpg)
(43.68 KB 340x453 Második_TK.jpg)
(392.25 KB 1606x2472 Ynev1.jpg)
Role Playing Games Bernd 12/17/2017 (Sun) 20:40:33 [Preview] No. 12621 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I want to begin a new series about a Hungarian pen and paper role playing game I've already mentioned in other thread(s). It's called M.A.G.U.S. - Kalandorok Krónikái (Chronicles of Adventurers) and I wish to guide you through it's history, world and maybe even rules. Frankly I'm not well prepared and most likely not the best person for the job, but, well, I'm the only one here and this is the best it's gonna get.
IRL talking with a real M.A.G.U.S. fan about M.A.G.U.S. is a real herculean challange as they can be extremely assburgerish about insignificant details, they can cite some careless comment from an obscure magazine's unknown article anytime and consider it rock solid canon they can base their opinion. It's worse to play it with an experienced fanatic as they are capable arguing to the point of the knife with the Kalandmester or Mesélő (Adventure Master or Tale Teller/Story-Teller, the DM, it's KM from no on) even if everyone knows the First Rule: the KM is always right.

Of course any other rpg can be discussed here, but I'd like to keep this thread for pnp or tabletop rpgs, crpgs should go into the Vidya thread.

>1st pic
This is the Első Törvénykönyv (First Code of Law or Rulebook, from now on ETK). It was published in 1997 for the first time.
>2nd pic
The Nagy Zöld (Big Green). Well this is the real first rulebook, published in 1993. The rules were written for a few years (I saw some parts in a mag from 1991) still it was full of errors, fuck ups and inconsistencies some of them haunt even in current year and will haunt probably forever. Never read it btw.
>3rd pic
Második Törvénykönyv (Second Code of Law) published in 1995 so even this predates the ETK... This one... I don't think it is more than some shitty addendum, even the foreword states every rule in this book is optional.
>4th pic
The continent of Ynev. I've no idea how to pronounce it so I call it Inev. The world itself is called Satriale... no, Satralis it has two other continents noone cares about only some vague shit were written about them and are unplayable by default. I think the ETK not even mentions the planet or operates on the supposition that Ynev is the name of the world. In following posts you will meet names very typical fantasy worlds. Lots of them were borrowed from IRL or other fantasy resources so prepare some familiar sounding stuff.

Oh I forgot. It's just a typical medieval fantasy world, with elves, dwarves and orcs. Luckily I don't know anything about gay-ass halflings.
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Ranagol Bernd 04/08/2018 (Sun) 20:40:15 [Preview] No.15737 del
(292.54 KB 678x746 ranagolite.png)
(140.85 KB 437x811 ranagolite2.png)
I wrote about Ranagol in the history a lot, what I don't really want to repeat. His monotheistic faith was for non-human races first then adopted by Humans as they became more and more powerful factor on Ynev and Ranagol recognized this shift. He's worshiped officially in two countries: Krán and Gorvik but numberless cults are working for him on all over Ynev. He's the most influential in the South, where several city states also sacrifices to him. The two countries worship him in different ways.
In Krán it's a more personal thing, while there are clerics no official state level church exists. Here however on many occasion they worship him through his Chaos-Angels, who are deified entities - basically monstrosities for outsiders - and many chaos-sects dedicated to and for them exist in and outside the country. Supposedly we can't know much about how the religion works in Krán as the Pyar clergy and scientists don't have many sources. Even the Handbook of Clerics and Paladins covers only the religion of Gorvik. However I remember reading somewhere about a blood lottery which decides who gets to be sacrificed to Ranagol (or his Chaos-Angels). The "lucky" ones have a short window of opportunity to relegate others instead of themselves.
In Gorvik which is a pure Human country and the leading strata of society came from Shadon - the home of the ultra-organised religion - the formation of the church was inevitable. Here clerics tend the spiritual life of the inhabitants and make the offerings in the name of the communities they represent, directly to Ranagol - the notion of Chaos-Angels is a heretic thought. This country was founded by a cleric so it's not surprising that two (or maybe three I'm not sure) of the five province is lead by ranashaviks. In Gorvik they value the ties of family a lot, but it can be artificial family too like a guild, clan (as in thief, assassin clan, and not gens) or chivalric order. The peeps here idolize the perfect human bean and they are pretty racist toward non-human races and they view every other human ethnicities the examples of imperfectness or straight failures. They also revere saints who are badass psychos. Their sacrifices are rarely deadly, they do such only on more important feasts in larger temples. The more common type of sacrifice is to offer the pain, the suffering of sinners, those who violate the rule of emergence (to become Übermensch basically). They view emotions as sin and as they are very temperamental people I guess there are always much surplus in sinners who has to atone. With the torturing of mentioned sinners they purify them and their communities from sin. They can also relegate others to suffer instead of them. These guys are very sadomasochistic and tales/modules played in Gorvik are always full torture chambers and flogging. No exceptions.

Orwella Bernd 04/12/2018 (Thu) 18:00:12 [Preview] No.15879 del
(134.79 KB 638x699 orwellan.png)
The cult of Orwella consist of many small churches and not one unified. That was ended with the fall of Kyria. They have a Grand Lady, the high-priestess, but she's more of a figurehead. She bears the Black Dagger, a relic of high power, and maybe another the Burning Blood which is a candle made of clotted blood. Nevertheless the cult is scattered all over the continent - all type of creatures can be followers - but it might be stronger in the North, as in Toron their congregations are somewhat tolerated. Maybe Tharr sees a tool in her for the Chaos.
And she is the Chaos. I think she represents the force behind decay and the end of things, and that's why she rise and disappears periodically, some stuff needs ending (like Kyria) and then she returns, and when her job is done, she goes away. Maybe she lets the opposing forces to expel her, or her powers are waning when the things that needs to be ended vanishing.
In the anarchistic church still one can find order. And that the Order of the Sword Brothers copy pasted from the Livonian Brotherhood ofc which is a hierarchical chivalric order. Their HQ is/was in Gro-Ugon, among the Orcs who are the creations of Orwella but they hate her so it's not a cloudless friendship. Recently they were beaten by the Orcs and ousted from their lands. Their grandmaster is a bearer of one of the Black Flags.
As the church of her is banned and persecuted almost everywhere they don't build temples only sanctuaries, chapels and they mask them as temples to other Gods, inns, bordellos or anything else what suitable at that place.

Orcs and Goblins Bernd 04/12/2018 (Thu) 18:32:38 [Preview] No.15880 del
(70.30 KB 333x244 Seers1.png)
(58.50 KB 313x207 Stormwakers1.png)
(57.10 KB 275x249 Loyals1.png)
(99.98 KB 394x318 Taciturns1.png)
So I talked about Human religions, then Human religions with non-human origin, and a one for everyone. Now let's review the non-human faiths.

The Orcs - with the exception of one tribe - renounced their ties to Orwella. Instead of her they worship their own Heroes who cheated the Curse of Orwella and retained their souls. They are deified entities but not on the level of gods. They grant powers to Orc shamans tho. Southron Orcs are all belong to Krán and serve Ranagol, and a tribe took Darton as their patron, who turned them white. White white, not pink white.
They were created from many creatures but their closest relatives are Humans and wolves. They are stronger than humans but less spiritual and usually less intelligent. They are carnivores who live short (bout 40 years) but intensive life and live to fight.
Orcish blacksmith and weaponsmith's make good steel as they utilize coal as well but crude items out of it coz no need for pretty ones. Mostly human slaves are working in their iron and coal mines, basically they are worked to death as they have to follow the lifer rhythm of the Orcs who sleep very short periods and active as fuck. No other industry really exist, maybe tanning hides and woodworking, otherwise they hunt their food or plunder it from human settlements. Some tribes keep boar herds and feed them acorns in oak woodland. I dunno how feasible is this. Sounds cool tho.
Orcs are divided into sixteen tribes in the North and unknown number in Krán. The leading tribe is the Seers, the Stormwakers are very good fishermen and pirates, Loyals sacrifice to Orwella and the Taciturns serve Darton.

Goblins are similar, but small, skinny and have many tribes. They worship all kinds of gods but they also have a Hero, called Menegle. Every tribe has different views on him but it's common that he's a "king in the hill" type of champion who will come back later. Some say he has already returned, others try to resurrect him with certain rituals.

Elves Bernd 04/18/2018 (Wed) 20:07:45 [Preview] No.16053 del
(461.69 KB 508x705 Elf1.png)
The Elves had Urria, but they lost him as they did some terrible stuff and kicked out of paradise. Apparently Urria lead warriors from another race (Aquirs?) to them and the Auld Tree for some reason but they killed them and Urria turned away from the elves.
They are lost since but time to time in historic moments certain Elves - died ages ago, saints and martyrs - return to them and give help, direction and inspiration. These dudes/grills are called Kalahoras and their priests are the Keepers. In Sirenar they only acknowledge three but in Elfendel they follow seven. Krán has many but one main, who was created by Ranagol himself, he mixed his own saliva, sweat and blood with the blood of Elves picked from outside of Krán, then exhaled his own spirit into the mass. Also there's one Kalahora who is honored by everyone, a hero of the Aquir-Elf War (I think from the Second Era), called Mallior whose descendants are still living... in Krán.
Funny thing: the Elves of Krán call all the outsider Elves "Lost Ones". I don't know if it's intentional by the part of the authors, but there are serious implications that Ranagol and Urria is the same entity which would be quite ironic as the Elves find Ranagol and his cult gruesome but totally understandable as they didn't understand Urria in the first place.
Elves are usually tragic heroes, maybe even melodramatic. They also proud folks and feel superior to everyone. Elves of Krán are the same but squared. Btw their culture was fashioned after not just the Tolkienesque Elves but North American Indians.
Half-elves are even more lost than Elves themselves as they are excluded (in most cases) both from the Elven and Human communities. But that would make them fine material for adventurers.
In Krán Obsidian Elves live, sometimes are called Dark Elves I think, they aren't Elves really but a subspecies of the Aquirs.

Dwarfs Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 19:00:29 [Preview] No.16070 del
(749.59 KB 585x953 dwarf1.png)
The native non-human race of Beriquel and the northern shores of Ynev where they were expelled expelled from by the Kyrs. From their island they returned thousands of years later and made a pact with Gianag and settled in the mountains of Traidlan where they built their country, Tarin, and mostly underground cities. Some communities of the Dwarves migrated further and they formed several colonies in the North, maybe even in the South as well.
They were created during the battle of Bul Ruurig and Tyrrano, two gods, when their blood fell onto stones. Bul Ruurig the Stone Father accepted them as his but Tyrrano sent monsters created by him (maybe Aquirs). Dwarves only acknowledge their ties to Bul Ruurig tho. Beside him they have three other gods.
First and foremost is Kadal, the Echo of Adits. He's the son if Bul Ruurig and now the main god of the pantheon, patrons of Dwarves. Sometimes he sends mortal envoys to his people to help them. The first envoy was Tooma, the Axeman (or rather Axedwarf), who was elevated to godhood by him. Tooma is their God of War ofc and his priests are the best Dwarven warriors. When it turns out such warrior is a chosen of Tooma the other clerics initiate him to get the full powers of a cleric.
The last god might not be god entirely but he is worshiped. He is Zimah, the Runaway, originally a cleric (might be of Bul Ruurig), some great figure of the migration from Tarin. His followeres are mainly from among those who chose to leave that place and settle elsewhere. I dunno who he reached godhood.
Every Dwarf's soul has a dark side, the Gloombrother who constantly challange the morality of the Dwarf and tempt him to choose the easier way, avarice and general selfishness. He is very impulsive. It's a great shame to give in to the Gloombrother. This has two fun things. First, even Bul Ruurig has a Gloombrother, he forged him into his battleaxe. He is Sugró and he always tempted the god to use his battleaxe and when he proved not to be willing, Sugró just deserted him. Second, the player - if he plays a dwarf - can choose to give in, which could make the game more unpredictable and exciting.

(111.65 KB 1036x1200 4a0.jpg)
Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 15:51:56 [Preview] No. 16065 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 15:54:10 [Preview] No.16066 del
You do know a whole board is dedicated just for testing on Endchan.

Bernd 04/19/2018 (Thu) 20:20:45 [Preview] No.16072 del
(59.32 KB 506x316 1420575421001.jpg)