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(85.50 KB 809x518 badmerkel2.jpg)
(83.22 KB 1200x700 Merkel_Bier.jpg)
Poolitics serial dicksucktion - Frau Merkel Edition Bernd 06/08/2018 (Fri) 15:28:02 [Preview] No. 17063 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Here a nice thread the discuss seriously politics, the Catalonia thread is "File not found". Of course not just Merkel and the like can be topics here but anything really which fits, as usual.
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Bernd 11/15/2018 (Thu) 17:05:03 [Preview] No.20601 del
*Remaining in the free trade zone

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 01:30:12 [Preview] No.20609 del
I'd say Macron and Salvini are the ones most likely to be remembered in future history books, as they are the purest examples of the new ideological poles (technocracy vs. populism) that have transcended and overriden the old left-right dichotomy.

For Hamas and Palestinian nationalists as a whole, the point of fighting with Israel is losing and therefore gaining prestige among foreigners who value opressed brown people.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 06:26:22 [Preview] No.20614 del
>Macron and Salvini
For political theorists/scientists sure. I'm not certain if that side of the things (the paradigm change you mentioned) goes through for the common people. Maybe they'll learn it, maybe not.
On the Hungary we're almost never hear about Salvini, I guess due to the Mediterranean connections in Brazil media Italy is more prominent, but here we're very German-centric when it comes to foreign politics. And ofc now Brussels, Brussels, Brussels. Especially now with this conflict over migration.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 07:01:06 [Preview] No.20616 del
(33.49 KB 1270x1161 benis-in-europe.png)
Is Macron position really "new"? Salvini is good example of populism, although not too notable, but Macron is yet another traditional left-like European leader.

Of course Merkel will be remembered for long time.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 23:02:24 [Preview] No.20643 del
Traditional West European leaders still clinged on to their old conservative or social democratic identities even though their ideological distinctiveness had been dilluted into nothing. Macron did away with links to past political traditions and openly embraced technocratic centrism, giving it new strength and allowing it to develop in new directions.

(239.29 KB 1200x1081 DdqAh3JU0AA1sSz.jpg)
Shitty maps Bernd 07/28/2018 (Sat) 13:54:48 [Preview] No. 18124 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I've seen a lot of maps like these popping up recently. I'm guessing these come from people who learn European history through Paradox games. This hurts my eyes.
>us wanting to unite with the Swedes, let alone the Dutch and Austrians
>Balkans, let alone the ENTIRE SLAVIC WORLD wanting to unite
>apparently, Istanbul and much of Asia Minor is Greek, yet Königsberg and the rest of Prussia is Slavic
>the Flemish are part of pan Latinism
>Cornwall being that big
>Finns, Estonians, and Hungarians are apparently part of the Indo-European world, but Basques aren't represented in Spain and France
>neither are Caucasians represented in the Caucasus
>Ossetia isn't included as part of the Iranian world
>Evropa, yet the guy who made this map is likely an American who speaks English
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Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 19:25:36 [Preview] No.20638 del
Greater Syria. That's the flag of the SSNP party.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 19:27:38 [Preview] No.20639 del
(33.05 KB 600x683 spede.jpg)
Well, SSN party rather, Syrian Social Nationalist Party. Basically, they're a Third Positionist Party in Syria that wants to unite the Levant and Mesopotamia, kinda like the Babylonian Empire.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 20:06:54 [Preview] No.20640 del
Ah. Why is their logo a shuriken?

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 20:22:15 [Preview] No.20641 del
<The party's emblem is the whirlwind (in Arabic Zawba'a زوبعة). It was designed by the SSNP students at the American University of Beirut while the party was still clandestine and before the French authorities had uncovered it in 1936. Saadeh stated the whirlwind was found engraved on ancient Syrian artifacts, and it is known from for example Sumerian art.
<Each arm symbolizes one of the four virtues of the party's mission: freedom, duty, discipline and power.
<According to SSNP lore, the black color symbolizes the Dark Ages of Ottoman rule, colonialism, sectarian division, national division, and backwardness. The "Zawba'a" allegedly represents the blood of the SSNP martyrs bound together as Muslims and Christians through freedom, duty, discipline and power as a hurricane to purge the Dark Ages and spark their nation's rejuvenation and renaissance.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 22:58:00 [Preview] No.20642 del
>Syria was always Arab.
Enlighten me on this. Arab tribal confederations lived in the Syrian desert for many centuries before Islam, but coastal populations didn't even speak Arabic.

(113.60 KB 600x800 bamboo_house.jpg)
Tech Thread Bernd 05/16/2018 (Wed) 18:34:14 [Preview] No. 16528 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Newest Edition, with less Ghork.

First thing first:
That dude of the Primitive Technology channel and all his copycats have a great advantage: access to unlimited supply of bamboo. Unlimited to their objectives. That stuff is great, tuff as shit, light as feather, can be used to many purpose with little modification and not too much work.

I also read most of this:
I think technology and it's use are running forward and lawmakers lag behind. Those who spent any time in the past two decades on the internet have a giant heap of data about them. I think Bernd posted a video about a security eggsbert, I think he works kind of a private investigator many time cooperating with officials and he said in that video anonymizing data worth nothing it can be de-anonymized with ease, and both companies and govt agencies do.
Now this law was passed at 2016. This year the EU countries have to start implementing it. Who knows how long it takes until it finishes. The whole stuff is kinda vague (it can be modified when necessary tho), and I don't know for example how the EU can force a foreign company to do whatever? There are sanctions but what jurisdiction the EU has over a US based firm for example Facebook and how the EU will force the sanctions onto for example said company?
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Bernd 11/13/2018 (Tue) 20:25:30 [Preview] No.20566 del
I see this is a slow day for /kc/ as well. In the meantime the traffic picks up it's usual bustling I give Bernd an update.
I bought/gathered everything necessary for the project.
- The foil is about 1,5-2 €.
- I chose to buy a spray paint as it was just 3€.
- 5L plastic barrel, 10€
- 5L steel beer keg, I think it's starts from 15€ (full with beer, if you want a similar water heating system than you have to sacrifice yourself and drink the beer firs)
- cardboard (not depicted, I leave it to Bernd's imagination), cost: free? larger types come with larger household appliances, fridges, owens, washing machines..., probably could be obtained from family, friends, acquaintances, maybe from certain businesses who would just discard some, or maybe from your own workplace? hm?
So the cost of this shit, all in all is 30$ (less than 10 000 HUF). It could be cheaper as the keg is usable in this form, but it has weaker water flow than the plastic barrel, which still kinda weak. But I (my family) already had that barrel so, why not.

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 19:09:26 [Preview] No.20629 del
Painted the keg. Wanted to test it out tomorrow but forget a program I have most of the day, and when I'll get back I'll have lost most of the daylight. I expect a few more sunny days, but from the middle of the next week it will most likely rain, so next weekend is probably out. Now I'm planning to put it to it's place in the morn and leave it to the family the rest and listen their report when I get back.
The sun heater isn't complete, I have to check some plans first and how to do it. Oh it needs glue ofc, would be more cost (by not much tho) but I got some from wörk.
If I have enough foil I will make a smaller reflector, just a cardboard bent twice so it has three faces and can be put behind the keg. Will see.

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 22:49:46 [Preview] No.20630 del
We all sandniggers now? Dog bless Allah

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 06:04:21 [Preview] No.20633 del
Nope, just me. But the only oil I see is olive, sunflower and linseed. No moneyz either.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 15:51:35 [Preview] No.20634 del
Well, this was a bust. Was sunny but not clear sunny so whatever energy left in the shine the clouds and fog screened out if it. Such cases.

(463.93 KB 600x580 kfc christmas.jpeg)
Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 01:53:02 [Preview] No. 20631 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

It's time to suggest stuff for the annual christmas special, get to it.

Bernd 11/18/2018 (Sun) 06:01:49 [Preview] No.20632 del
Why not?
When the stream will start?

(407.33 KB 1920x1080 wallpaper-music-13.jpg)
Music thread Bernd 06/25/2017 (Sun) 10:42:00 [Preview] No. 8318 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Post some relatively unknown but quality bands and music.
Or other melodies.
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Bernd 11/11/2018 (Sun) 16:09:10 [Preview] No.20550 del
Grom is fine too.

>second link
>commieblocks, debris, drunk, in suit, grill

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 13:49:08 [Preview] No.20625 del
Fresh thing from land of Genghis
https://youtube.com/watch?v=v4xZUr0BEfE [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jM8dCGIm6yc [Embed]

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 14:23:57 [Preview] No.20626 del
Just was among my recommendeds...
The first has a certain bluesy groove. The first minute: the feel when you just want to do your everyday shit in your cozy mongolblock but the ancient life calls.
On second vid. Ofc with the music itself it is already showing how the western cultural "achievements" find their ways to the steppe, but I was kinda conflicted to see all those dudes in Easy Rider mode. It can be viewed other way around as well that the Mongol folk culture penetrates the western culture, and for me who is mainly rock/metal listener it is easier to listen their songs blended into what I'm accustomed to, despite I'm not as insulated from folk music in general how the average "normie" is.

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 14:24:38 [Preview] No.20627 del
Oh and as you can see .xyz ain't working for me.

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 15:45:43 [Preview] No.20628 del
(4.84 MB 400x304 liberator_blues.webm)
(23.81 KB 276x280 liberatorface.jpg)
(102.13 KB 736x1075 red_soldier.jpg)
Oh I get it now why that rhythm was so familiar.

(3.43 MB 1280x720 15372677825360[1].webm)
Bernd 09/18/2018 (Tue) 11:39:51 [Preview] No. 19362 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
> "He got tazer!"
> Shot him
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Bernd 11/14/2018 (Wed) 19:10:00 [Preview] No.20587 del
Fact: This webpage looks like it was setup up by the gun lobby

Bernd 11/14/2018 (Wed) 19:13:53 [Preview] No.20590 del
It really does look like.
This is why I was curious about the sources. It is only one source I examined but chosen somewhat randomly and that one looks all right.

Bernd 11/14/2018 (Wed) 19:15:10 [Preview] No.20591 del
Now am lying, because I was curious as the informational was taken from /k/ and those dudes are really love their raifus.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 01:35:40 [Preview] No.20610 del
Maybe it was just made by activists fighting for their gun rights.
According to their "About" page, it receives no funding from organizations such as the NRA.

/k/ can be very serious and meticulous at times. When an engineering topic is under discussion, it's common to find at least one poster with knowledge in the specific field.

Bernd 11/17/2018 (Sat) 06:22:30 [Preview] No.20623 del
My favourite line on that site can be found in the "Children and Guns" section under the "Myth: Guns in America spark youth violence":
>Thus we have a violence problem – not a “gun” problem.

(669.68 KB 1516x1066 lil_tank1_s1.JPG)
(509.46 KB 1486x1048 lil_tank2_s2.JPG)
(509.91 KB 1474x1076 lil_tank3_s3.JPG)
Bernd 08/01/2018 (Wed) 05:29:13 [Preview] No. 18192 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Tank thread reup. So.

Today I had to bury the 6th dead bird this year. Not even this year, this summer! I would say I never ever buried this much but frankly before this I had to do this only twice in my whole life. I dunno what's going on with them.
It would be easier to just dump them into the dumpster but frankly I rather spend some energy and give them an ok final rest.
During digging I came across a very interesting archaeological findings: this tank on picrels. It wasn't mine and not any of my pals owned such or even played around that spot in our childhood so I suppose one of my family members owned this there are some possibilities.
What Bernd think what type of tank is this? I think it has the Sherman looks.

Also this can be a general vehicle/weapons thread as well.
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Bernd 10/31/2018 (Wed) 19:24:11 [Preview] No.20398 del
(131.96 KB 1200x600 WellingtonBomber.jpg)
(140.18 KB 525x350 B_24_in_raf_service.jpg)
From April to October in 1944 the Danube was the target of the RAF's Gardening operiation which ment of laying mines in the river to disrupt the most important oil supply route from the Romanian fields to the refineries of Wien and Pozsony. The missions were executed by the 205. Group (they flew Wellingtons and Liberators) and were scheduled in between the usual bombing runs against Italian, Balkanite and Hungarian targets.

Bernd 10/31/2018 (Wed) 19:25:16 [Preview] No.20399 del
(762.70 KB 836x590 Brit_naval_mine_1.png)
(654.26 KB 837x592 Brit_naval_mine_2.png)
(693.27 KB 935x589 Brit_naval_mine_3.png)
(955.39 KB 736x954 Brit_naval_mine_4.png)
The success of this Gardening varied. On the lower part of the Danube where the river is flowing slow in wide bed and where maritime de-mining methods can be used it wasn't a great problem, but on the Hungarian section with the narrower, rocky, somewhat sinuous bed both general shipping and de-mining had lots of troubles. It is estimated that over 1200 mines were deployed and I believe beside the usual explosives (bombs, shells, etc.) they still find some up to this day.
My source material gives the following markings to the mines:
A-102 and A-180
B-202 and B-208
C-303 and C-306
But the British classification doesn't seem to comply to this:
I'm not entirely sure the identification of these devices. Supposedly the Germans layed mines at the mouth of the Thames, Brits gathered, studied and perfected them. Then used it as well.

Bernd 10/31/2018 (Wed) 19:26:09 [Preview] No.20400 del
Our riverine forces was ofc nowhere near to deal with the situation so the Germans were notified who arrived a little late. They used magnetic detonating devices towed by de-magnetized ships, and a few airplanes. After a while Hungarians also pitched in with wooden rowboats and magnets attached to towed wooden beams. For some reason Germans behaved the way how such cunts they are and transported every piece of mine they could get in whole to Kiel. Despite of this an "expert" group was formed and started to pick up some in secret and kept hidden from the Germans so our own studies and development could start.
This group had minimal material backing so they used what they could acquire or make. As most of these mines were triggered by magnetic anomalies in their own field wooden and bronze tools had to be used. There were some lucky catch, when the British bombers missed or mixed up targets our boys could get their hands on. By the end of the war, in the chaos and destructions almost all documents were lost and everything had to be started from the beginning in the post-war years.

Bernd 10/31/2018 (Wed) 19:29:08 [Preview] No.20401 del
(127.04 KB 1024x667 virgin_eod_tech.jpg)
(704.22 KB 837x592 Chad_Minehunter_1.png)
(854.99 KB 702x935 Chad_Minehunter_2.png)
Pic #1 The Virgin Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
Pic #2 & #3 The Chad Minehunter
Pic #4 The Chad Minehunters

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 20:46:19 [Preview] No.20620 del
(979.02 KB 1199x781 D-944_PSZH_1.png)
(1.16 MB 1196x778 D-944_PSZH_2.png)
After the posting fiasco I committed last time here: >>20561 , let's continue.
So in the '60's the infantry needed an armoured transport vehicle which could support them the fights as well. They had the FUG, so they built upon it and developed it. Got a tower with a machine gun, it could transport 9 soldier (a "rifle" squad), it was still amphibious and ensured some protection against gas attacks and radiation. They called it Páncélozott Szállító Harcjármű (PSZH, = Armoured Transport Fighting Vehicle).
It was quite a success they could sell a few hundred to DDR. These were later dumped into Yemen.

(6.08 MB 4800x2945 rondônia.jpg)
(4.92 MB 4800x2945 rondônia 2.jpg)
(7.16 MB 4800x2945 rondônia 3.jpg)
Bernd 11/01/2018 (Thu) 21:34:34 [Preview] No. 20411 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
ITT: post interesting sattelite images and what's notable about them.

These are shots from Rondônia state, where human settlement is strikingly clear. Highways -most notably, the BR-364 flowing SE to NE- and their evenly spaced perpendicular side roads flow deep into the jungle, with deforestation, cattle herding, agriculture and urbanization (roughly in this order) following suite. This leaves a light green (mostly composed of pasture) grid dotted with gray points where lines meet, overlaid on a dark green matrix. Few other places have so many clear, sharp edges that can be easily seen from extreme heights.
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Bernd 11/08/2018 (Thu) 21:27:03 [Preview] No.20494 del
>But I still think a geologic explanation is the culprit, and data on wheter this orientation extends to the underground or is merely a surface phenomenon could clarify the mystery.

I couldn't easily find straightforward data even in Russian, most of internet articles talk about Altai mountains, but rarely discuss local plains.

Although some sources say that this type of terrain is common for West Siberian Plain. They use word "Грива" (literally "mane") that translates to "low ridge" or "dike ridge", but it even has no English wiki page and I don't have enough geological knowledge to find proper term.

>Flooding is unlikely to spawn this kind of terrain.

Some theories say that terrain like this may be formed because of flooding, although not average flooding of course: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_current_ripples

Bernd 11/09/2018 (Fri) 06:19:46 [Preview] No.20497 del
>rarely discuss local plains.
They are very overlooked.
I have to circle back to steppe people as the Altai was among their core regions since forever. How could that be in a case of a mountains with comparable heights of the Alps? Well, those plains are the explanation.

Bernd 11/12/2018 (Mon) 17:05:01 [Preview] No.20557 del
(1.35 MB 2000x1980 e22.jpg)
So the other typical example of the double-plot-cluster pattern is Hajdúnánás, north from Hajdúböszörmény.
It was mentioned the first time about 1220 it already had a church. I marked the two churches of the town with blue crosses the northern is Reformed the southerly is the Roman Catholic. The settlement was destroyed a few times in it's history so the Catholic temple might not stand where it was originally.
Up to the 1600's it was a village, when the Ottomans occupied the area it had 25 taxable plots which meant 25 tenant families theoretically. There were tricks to evade such taxes and more than one families might had lived on one plot, also a family usually meant extended family with three generations and many siblings living together. I don't know how many plots were there which enjoyed exempt from such tax. At the beginning of the 1600's about 1800-2000 hajdú was settled there, a semi-militant societal group which enjoyed noble like privileges in return military service. Only by the second half of the 19th century became crop cultivation the leading agricultural sector instead of animal husbandry. Today it has a population of approximately 17 000 souls.
The town main feature is the two rings. The Small Ring encircles the Downtown, which is the Old Town and marked the divide between the residential core and the economic buildings on the "second plots", it was fortified and pieces of the wall can be found even today. Because the Calvinist temple seem to be at a more central position and because all the things mentioned above I guess this structure is fairly late and it might not preserve the original pattern from the Middle Ages.
The Large Ring marks the outer edge of the newly built residential zone, outside of it the checkers patterned, planned zones can be observed, with mostly dachas and a few permanent habitats.

Trivia: they have an ostrich farm nearby, I seem to recall from recent news they don't have any ostriches anymore tho.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 01:39:39 [Preview] No.20611 del
>Because the Calvinist temple seem to be at a more central position and because all the things mentioned above I guess this structure is fairly late and it might not preserve the original pattern from the Middle Ages.
Perhaps it was an originally Catholic temple repurposed after the Reformation.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 16:54:47 [Preview] No.20619 del
Looked into it and I found that the Catholic temple they have today is a recent build (1895) and the Reformed is older one. They treat as evident that this church is standing where the old Catholic was (what's more, with a monastery). The old temple was destroyed several times and new was built or the old refitted, what's there today in it's form also fairly new, previously the/a tower stood by itself as a separate building.
So generally people think it was how you wrote.

When I mentioned structure I meant the town's structure I'm not sure this is clear.
Btw the Reformed church had an outer defensive wall (that redish wall with the little tower), for a time it was fashionable in certain places of the old Hungary to fortify churches.

(212.99 KB 1200x589 fwo_204330.jpg)
15th of November - Republic Day Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 01:56:56 [Preview] No. 20613 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Today we celebrate and glorify Pedro II's overthrow in a military coup 129 years ago, marking our transformation into a banana republic. The strongman who led the coup is even in every 25 cent coin.
As typical, Temer spoke about the virtues and strength of liberal democracy even though the Braganza were more liberally democratic than the following regimes.

Bernd 11/16/2018 (Fri) 06:31:38 [Preview] No.20615 del
Happy Republic Day! May you experience many more merry coups, Brazil!
>As typical, Temer spoke about the virtues and strength of liberal democracy even though the Braganza were more liberally democratic than the following regimes.
This is what you get when people mix up republic with democracy, monarchy with dictatorship.

(142.55 KB 967x556 Bez tytułu.png)
(142.55 KB 967x556 Bez tytułu.png)
(750.16 KB 942x938 cucks.png)
Syria War thread Bernd 09/10/2017 (Sun) 20:54:54 [Preview] No. 10248 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Because rondam news is too small to contain it

ISIS in Deir ez-Zor got almost rekt, siege is broken.

YPG forces started their own offensive and arrived in north of Deir ez-Zor.
>US-Led Coalition ‘Will Not Allow’ Syrian Army To Cross Euphrates River In Deir Ezzor
I except they start fighting with each other soon, maybe even tomorrow, while ISIS will occasionaly bomb a car or a tank on both sides.

ISIS in eastern Homs are getting gradually removed and hopefully soon they will be containet in the east.

There was something about Israel entering Lebanon air space and Syria reacting with anti air defence but sadly I lost link to proofs.

Link to map
340 posts and 178 images omitted.

Bernd 10/29/2018 (Mon) 19:33:56 [Preview] No.20368 del
(287.78 KB 2048x1536 Toyota_Isis.jpg)
>They still have their Toyota trucks to fall back on?

ISIS was a Japanese marketing campaign from the start. Of course they'll have these cars until end.

Bernd 10/30/2018 (Tue) 17:05:47 [Preview] No.20382 del
At last I truly see.

Bernd 11/01/2018 (Thu) 11:27:38 [Preview] No.20408 del
(288.27 KB 1142x610 border skirmishes.png)
(112.67 KB 943x589 Dq05oC6WsAA1QXh.jpg)
Turkey has been harassing the Kurds at the border and threatening to invade. In turn, the SDF had to redeploy forces from the Euphrates to react, allowing ISIS to gain more ground.

Bernd 11/11/2018 (Sun) 02:19:39 [Preview] No.20534 del
(285.51 KB 809x682 idlib.png)
First clashes in Greater Idlib in quite a while. How long will it take until all of Erdogan's efforts for a ceasefire collapse?

Bernd 11/15/2018 (Thu) 20:14:54 [Preview] No.20607 del
(451.65 KB 1483x847 11.15-NHama.png)
Some activity north of Hama. Government seems to have a little border correction going on. Shooting with machineguns and artillery. They took some villages since this: >>20534
Meanwhile they claim everything is peaceful.