Anonymous 02/22/2019 (Fri) 00:20:06 No.3311 del
*Anything mainstream by definition is exoteric, profane, secularized misappropriation of a metaphysical anagogical literary device into complete bullshittery

I have already tried to explain these things in other threads on /horror/. Nobody here seems to get it and it's okay if they don't, it just means they weren't meant to know for now. Nobody will look for something that they don't know is missing. I am not telling anyone to give up on looking for the truth, while even trying to explain to others why they're wrong can be mistaken as negative self confirmation bias by the stubborn minded. There's no purpose in life if you can't even come to the understanding of what life is. There's hope for those who keep on seeking for the truth, but there's no guarantee that those people would come to the transcendent divine absolute truth.