Anonymous 02/22/2019 (Fri) 00:07:30 No.3310 del
Your so called "challenge" in your own worldview cannot be won by anyone that goes against your epistemology due to your stubbornness, hence, the self masturbatory nature that cannot and will not consider criticism. That video has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about at all. That black star isn't the same as the black sun in the context of metaphysical monism, period, no ifs and butts. I am not a satanist nor a gnostic, not even a "pagan" nor a humanist. None of your labels and how you describe them convey the ideas that I'm trying to convey and that's due to the limitation of this mortal realm which can never directly express that which cannot be spoken of directly at all. All symbols cannot be deconstructed into "Saturn" without making intellectually dishonest claims.from the stupid ideologies of the very groups that you think knows what those symbols mean yet I'm saying here that they don't. Name any group in the last 2000 years, none of them understand. I am not in the modern academic system and I don't follow exoteric philosophy like you do. Anything mainstream by definition is exoteric, profane, secularized misappropriation of a metaphysical anagogical literary device into. I'm simply above the false dichotomy of the false occult groups (you won't learn shit from any rosicrucian text by the way) and the abrahamic cults. I ultimately don't care if you can never believe me, beliefs are unreal, and I ultimately don't care if you will never grasp what I'm saying here. You are not what you do, you are not what you believe. I don't wear ceremonial clothing, I don't do any rituals, I am also not a stupid christian too. Jesus Christ won't save you, neither would Saturn nor any stupid idol or demigod. Satan just means adversary, so anyone you don't like is an adversary, that's how kikes think and that's how you're basing your whole worldview upon restructuring an anti-adversarial adversary to the adversary which is why you're still under a dualist system. I am neither immoral nor moral, morals and "ethics" are virtues that aren't true in and of themselves, they're dependent on the truth, so those that lack truth yet have morals don't know what is good and evil and have no self agency to do good.