Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 15:33:17 No.3294 del
Here's my reply: you are stuck in an intellectual masturbatory cycle which praises the cult mindset in refusing to think outside of that very mindset yet also supposedly against that very mindset you think is the true meaning behind various cults. You will never grasp the books that I've uploaded on here because you lack the agency to escape the mythological structure that you've accepted as you see through everything through those broken lenses. There is an eclectic, perennial philosophy expressing the timeless truth in some cultures, most cultures however, have a false misinterpretation of the real high culture behind the Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, even the Celts and the Hittites. All you've managed to do is to shill for a new narrative (that you've didn't make but based off of a pseudo archaeologist kike) not based off of the high culture, rather, the low culture of various peoples, disregarding their system. People who are genuinely serious about the reconstruction of the Proto Indo-European Aryan culture needs to look into prehistory because it predates the whole semitic centric narrative of history. There grows an ever more undeniable unbiased mountain of evidence that contradicts various theories behind the Aryans which cannot be regarded the same way as the personality cult narratives. Nazism as a political movement has failed ever since 1945. However, the development of a new and restored system that was emulated by Germany's Volkish movement will come again slowly through the scholastic decentralized academic model and you're never going to ever contribute anything of value to that when you're continuing to believe in the bullshit Saturn is everything theory which in its very nature will limit you from ever understanding ancient monistic metaphysics as you are only obsessively looking for affirmation of your worldview which denies the notion that Saturn isn't everything. You hold on to a hard dualist paradigm and so cannot transcend the spectrum of illusions which experience only amplifies such delusions through only seeing things through an horizontal axis of existential perspective, cannot come to a top down transcendent perspective that can divine the truth from the false. You, among the many, cannot grasp it not because of me, but because of your own self imposed limitations that you've borrowed from others without again, knowing how to discern.