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There's a limit to what I can verify. When you delve into occult symbolism you can rarely afford certainty but you can be dismissive only until you've seen the patter repeat so many times and you don't know what I'm talking about or else we wouldn't have this conversation.
You refuse to link the accounts as if they were talking about entirely different things despite these being phenomenons that were for everyone to see. You might argue that what little I gave you was inconclusive but it's certainly not illogical to propose a conclusion that if ancient sun was thought to be Saturn and ancient sun was thought to be in where polaris was this might be talking about same thing but ultimately it doesn't matter. What matters is whether that's what's being talked about in the language of symbols.
What I meant with money being involved in science is that scientists are on a payroll, they take grants and have careers on the line. Under this circumstances putting faith in peer review is naive. You cannot become enough of an expert in every field of science to be able to find errors in scientist work. There is a limit to verifiability. That is the situation whether you like it or not.
How did I twist fact and opinion? How do I twist your words? I assume I know more than you do because you cannot seem to grasp some concepts that at this point appear very basic to me and if you want example of how you show that your retort about money is one.
>this is NOT that and that is NOT this
Oh there's more paradoxes. How can Saturn refer to a celestial body and something deep beneath the earth? How can it be male and female, and then in other places just a female? How can it be a lawgiver and a trickster? Is it even Saturn to begin with and not Orion? Why it's supposed to be Jupiter too, it's son? Is it black, red and blue, purple or blue and golden yellow? Is it a machine, a metaphor for intellect, an element of human anatomy, an ancient king perhaps Nimrod, a malignant spirit, a force, or an eclipse of sorts?
Can you tackle the paradox as you are now or is it wrong plain and simple?
>explanation of the eye as per theoria apophasis
I knew I've heard that paragraph before.
Esoteric meanings of symbols can be relayed through the shapes rather than the visual representations in a symbol so on that he's right. Shape of the serpent on the eye however is nothing similar to the tear duct he shows, much less is the hand. Why does the serpent go out of pharaoh's forehead? Doesn't it come out of a different part of a body that in eastern tradition has been linked to Saturn and is also thought to be an eye?
I simply cannot agree with him. In what I've learned so far soul is not represented by a serpent but I haven't yet studied rosicrucian soul science maybe there's something there. Connections of snake with sun, wisdom and time are solid as they can be but souls seem to be represented by birds not snakes, in ancient Egypt as well.

You say dark star or black star is not black sun and not Saturn. Let me give you a challenge.
Can you find saturnic symbolism in this music video/song? No cheating. [Embed]

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