Anonymous 11/11/2018 (Sun) 23:32:33 No.3141 del
Hm, interesting. I have no idea whether Freemasonry was beneficial or 'good' before it became infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati, might be interesting to look into some day. Here's the full comment:
> vaporizeaustraliaThe situation is pretty dire.
> They’re here to take our Holy Empire.
> Our ancient craft has been defiled.
> I know exactly how this lodge was tyled.
> With Jews pushing their fraud and vice.
> And acts of human sacrifice.
> Their modus op is hella dodge.
> To serve you up a bunch of stodge
> Cooked up in their Masonic Lodge
> To give your brain a jolly rodge.
> They’re all a bunch of fuckin sooks.
> Who'll cast your way some sideways looks.
> When we say straight with no lines nor hooks.
> Those were jewish crimes by jewish crooks.
> And now we can see through their con.

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