Anonymous 11/11/2018 (Sun) 19:46:10 No.3139 del
>Keep being useful, National Socialists
Whether or not you think National Socialism is applicable to today's times I still think it is important to tell people the truth about Germany in WWI and WWII, the National Socialist movement, or the much smeared Adolf Hitler. There's a lot yet to learn, a lot has been lost forever, and so little people know about it. Most people associating themselves with that ideology barely know that "Nazi" is derived from "National Socialism" let alone what it even meant. Nor do they know what Adolf Hitler stood for, they have not read his written or oratory works, are not familiar with the conspiracy they fought, or what was the cause of the war.
Germany has been set-up to go into another war by having a chunk of Germany left in Poland, and Poland started the war by randomly attacking native Germans in that region, this was the reason Germany invaded Poland and "started" WWII.

Also one thing that is so little talked about is the Bolshevik revolution, how many millions of people were murdered, how they were murdered, tortured, starved, raped, worked to death, who funded the Bolsheviks, et cetera. This is what Germany fought in WWII, and they were suspicious of Jews for the simple fact of their over-represented involvement in movements and organizations that were seemingly against everyone's best interest.

>Germany wasn't ever meant to win the war, but that doesn't make a cause any less noble.
Germany didn't even want a war to begin with, it was forced upon Germany. Winston Churchill had said it was due to Germany not participating in the international banking system, though I thing it was simply due to hatred for Germans due to jealousy or whatever.

I'm curious, what was Hitler's purpose, and what was the smokescreen?