Anonymous 11/10/2018 (Sat) 01:53:42 No.3128 del
>accepting unverified fabricated bullshit when it suits you
You are wrong and a hypocrite, plain and simple, you and many others like you are the ones that are seeing patterns where there is none. Every single point you've made doesn't refute my case. All real scientific endeavors as well as scamming people with pseudointellectual cult tier publications that doesn't listen to criticism, both costs money (it seems very odd that some random charlatan managed to get enough money to make his own publishing company and get into a substantial position in a pre-established cult following of Velikovsky nuts), using the internet itself costs money. The money doesn't matter in any research, it's the data that matters, it's the data that's up to scrutiny of which you share concepts from flawed data. You confuse facts with opinions, you twist my words over and over, you even assume that you know more than I do yet can't even show me the smoking gun evidence, it's not there. Saturn isn't the ancient sun/pole star, while Saturn ISN'T EQUAL TO ≠ the sun, there's absolutely no direct, ONE TO ONE relationship of Saturn AS the ancient sun concept. The black STAR is NOT the black SUN. A star is not THE sun back in those days. I NEVER said there was no relationship of the celestial symbols with each other, I'm saying that you can't just claim that all of them are some variant of Saturn, in doing that you have to twist the narrative too far to the point of being an UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIM. There's still nevertheless NO RELATIONSHIP with Saturn and the pole star/ancient sun. Saturn always was a LESSER form of the VISIBLE sun, LESSER THAN is NOT EQUAL TO. That means the Solar concept cannot be blackfaced into a nigger sun then DENYING the Solar concept.

Metaphysical center of the invisible heaven inside the outer physical wheel of the universe > depiction of ancient sun/pole star > lesser association of physical sun to the ancient sun > lesser association of any planet/star to the physical sun. True astrology is not astrology, it's an anagogical (talking about intangible concepts with tangible physical analogies of the unseen) means to convey ancient monistic metaphysics of which there is one Absolute and all else are gods and demigods that nobody with wisdom should worship. The true black sun is in all of us, for it is the pupil, the inverse sun that sucks in the light of the true sun that gives life to the soul which is the black sun, but unlike the true sun, the black sun by itself cannot give light, it can only borrow the light from the sun to bring forth new life via procreation. The true sun also brings forth death, while the black sun in a lesser form also brings forth death to itself and to others. This is why the soul/"footless one"(not physical)/serpent/uraeus comes out of the tear duct yet also tied to the ankh since those tears give forth water of which that path river of life flows is that of the shape of the Nile river, like the black lines on a Cheetah's face and how the path of our tears take.

Life is formed from suffering, the source of life comes from the self emptying/kenosis of its true divinity to experience mortal life, forgetting who it really is yet always seeking to return to its divine state yet those without wisdom make the same error in wanting to become mortal again, transmigrate into a new body over and over until they end up letting go and returning to the source, never to come back again. None of this has anything to do with the numerous personality cults i.e. Christianity, Aristotelianism, Materialism, Nihilism and their occulting/secularizing of ancient wisdom where it suits their own narratives.