Anonymous 10/19/2018 (Fri) 12:40:59 No.2932 del
I now doubt your proficiency in English. "Are since no one made a distinction between whatever position the Swastika was in, why mention it?" isn't a sentence, while you've misunderstood the context yet again. I'm generally getting tired of your incompetency.

Show me one right hand facing German Swastika. The only thing close to it is a double sided one that has the opposing right hand swastika on an otherwise intentionally left hand facing swastika, the color just gone through the whole of the fabric to the other side. So really what I'm asking for is one, just one official or even an educated guess schematic of a right hand facing German Swastika. Doesn't exist, I've tried to find it, just doesn't truly exist. How it's always preferably displayed on metals and on public places where the back side of the flag wouldn't be seen, it's always the left hand facing Swastika.

All Judahites are actually Persian Israelite mix that worshiped Cyrus the Great as their Messiah. Pharisee has an origin tied to Persian. Does Farsi remind you of something?

>I don't consider it unreasonable to assume we have (partially) shared heritage.
That only applies if you have the kike genes, cannot be blanket applied to all Europeans.
>Wouldn't that be the point on which Phoenicians were no longer Phoenicians?
Why can't you accept that a part of the Phoenician population intermarried with the Israelites and became the Israelites in abandoning their allegiance to their blood relatives while the remaining didn't? Why can't you accept the Phoenician people are in total opposition to the Israelite God? It is because you were never ever told these things, it is also because you were brainwashed by the kikes that try to group everything into some stupid Satanism cult nonsense. What in the bloody hell am I even talking about? Watch this and tell me with a straight face that at least 50% of this is wrong (nobody is 100% right, but this is more than 80% right) [Embed] Watch it in 1080p or else you'll miss some visual details.