Anonymous 10/18/2018 (Thu) 19:48:54 No.2927 del
"Nazis" don't know anything about the Phoenicians, never read anything about them influencing their culture influencing Hitler's Germany, zero, none. Phoenicians (and Canaanites) were white until they came in contact with the Israelites via King David's kingdom though during the era of "Classical Antiquity", the Phoenicians were seafaring merchants that frequently hired black servants (not slaves) as equals in their expeditions to far off lands and also bringing some passengers along with them that did include Judahites from time to time. I don't believe the claims that Ham's descendants are by any means black. It took around a thousand years before the Israelites domesticated horses but it was always white cultures that had mastered the art of taming a horse. Yes, the Egyptians were white, but the Israelites were not white, they were always known as Asiatics. You also can't compare modern Greek people as the genetic base for the ancient Greek people due to the Islamic empires that had made them into a mixed people. The Swastika existed way before the Phoenicians were named Phoenicians. The Freemasonic rituals about King Solomon and King Hiram are not historical by any sensible historian. If anything, the Jews made up a false claim that Solomon was the son of Hiram Abiff and that Hiram Abiff is King Hiram which there's no proof whatsoever concerning this, yet the reason why this appeals to some stupid white people is because they then believe that we wuz jews n' shiet so that they would accept cooperation with the modern kike. There's also no Swastika symbolism used in Freemasonry, while Theosophy was controlled by the Catholic Venetian funded and controlled Catholic Jesuit Order/"Society of Jesus" which they never were "Freemasons" but had sought to subvert Freemasonry with even more faulty bullshit claims which back then, it was much easier to trick people with false information. The Nazi Swastika is only and exclusively the left facing swastika, never was meant to be like the right facing sauwastika although Hinduism and Buddhism made no hard distinction, Hitler's Germany did, as well as making it in the diamond position which I never seen Hindu nor Buddhist symbols using a swastika in the manner the Germans used it, though there were some left facing swastika that were in the square position instead of the diamond position, nevertheless, the right facing sauwastika were never used. The type of Swastika used in the "House of the Temple" is not a German swastika, it's explicitly a Greco-Roman right facing sauwastika, not the hakenkreuz/right facing diamond position swastika. The swastika is as old as the white race itself that is older than both the formation of the kingdom of Israel, older than Phoenicia itself. The Greco-Roman style is more for aesthetics which Freemasons are Phoenician-Greco-Roman LARPs that don't know any better, they never had given the same thought to its true meaning and only incorporated it into the House of the Temple architecture only because the Romans used it. The Sonnenkreuz (AKA broken sun cross) BTW, is the Cross of Wotan/Odin, not as old as the Swastika itself. The Raelians are a fringe cult, comparing them to anything is a fallacy since all such cults make up their own claims. The Phoenicians didn't invent the Swastika, neither did the Jews. The Sun has always been a symbol to various cultures. Do you think the Phoenicians invented the fucking sun? That's the types of illogical leaps of faith you make.